Is there any way humans can gain power themselves independently from demons, angels, spirits, etc?

The methods described to “become a living god” seem to be reliant on calling for demons, angels, spirits, etc to do favors for you or grant you some type of powers or enhanced ability to achieve your goals.

How do you know calling on them won’t somehow backfire or you don’t get along with them? Will they cause more problems then? Is there any way to gain your own power independently from other people/entities/supernatural life forms?


There’s no rule that says you have to work with entities, you can even be an atheist. Some people consider entities to be tools of thier imagination anyway.

Just pick a current or school of thought that only relies on yourself, from energy working to witchcraft.
Maybe look into what Siddhis are, those are “godlike” abilities that are gained through meditation.

I would say that some abilities, like clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, telekinesis, energy working, remote influencing etc. etc., can only be gained through self development, because they are personal skills.


I would say shamanism is the first step to becoming a god. Meditation and visualization over time. Transcending time and limitations.
Perceiving all, knowing all. Existent on all planes.


You are more powerful than any demon, angel or spirit anyway lol. Thats why they obey and grant your requests in the first place.


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Low/elemental, illusion, chaos Magick. Psychic/Psi.

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I second @Mulberry

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Sure, although becoming powerful so is very rarely even done as far as I’ve seen.

Philosophically, it’s hard to say to what extent this can even be achieved to begin with. With an animst view, and the view of most of our predecessors for all ages on all continents, everything contains spirit. So, you’ll have to not use any material tools, nor any imaginative tools, which itself is simply of another world or mode of existence.

That limits yourself quite a lot. But, the great magicians before us were not so concerned of satisfying their ego that they did not seek spiritual aid. Most did seek spiritual aid, and as far as I’ve seen they saw spirits as ultimately more powerful than humans.


Call them what you will, spirits are both independent of you as well as aspects of who you are. They exist within you regardless of if you learn to master them. If you use other techniques to gain power, you are still working with the spirits even if you don’t call it that. A rose is a rose by any other name. Go with what makes you comfortable and feels right which is important for everyone. Don’t try to force yourself on a system that scares you (actually that would be best for your growth but I won’t recommend that for a beginner).


If you’re interested in self development as a beginner if highly recommend the works of Franz Bardon especially “Initiation into Hermetics”. The excercises contained in the book will help you develop you’re own faculties and become a power of your own.

In Bardons view a magician should first develop himself/herself before moving on to evocation.

I do not necessarily agree with that philosophy I Personally think individual development can go hand in hand with working with spirits.


Some of them are about that because that interests some people. But this is one path. There are other paths that don’t even involve spirits. Truthfully, most do involve some sort of deity or spirit, but if you’re not interested in that then you don’t have to practice it. The beauty of LHP is that you do what you want, there’s no relying on greater indoctrination here. It’s all about people doing what they find most aligned with.

You do your best. You don’t always know if you’ll get along. It’s part of magick though to see what works and what doesn’t. Most spells/rituals don’t backfire. Occasionally, some people have issues with this but really grounding and protection should take care of it.

Sometimes. Again, this is circumstantial. For example, if you offer something and don’t follow through, some spirits are inclined to cause some trouble. Other examples definitely exist.


Mhm, as you begin your work, you will need the help of stronger entities in order to get to a place where you can become strong as well. Of course you can build your own strength, the way i did is by energy working, meditation, and vampirism to increase the amount of magical energy that could be conducted at one time.

You should always do research before you work, so you know what kinds of entities you are going to be working with, and choose those that align with your own goals. Befriend them too, many times they can be as interested in us as we are in them. I’d recommend the Kingdoms of Flame book to get started with tbh, it has a whole range of spirits in it, all of whom are helpful and you can trust.


Yep, most “failures” ive seen are just people not realizing what they are asking for, then being surprised when they get it


@Mulberry Thanks for the suggestions!

Also, thanks to everyone else for your input.

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