Is there any spell to end a soul connection?

Let’s say you have a soul connection with someone, what can be done to change it?

What do you mean by soul connection? Souls have many parts, depending on the model you’re using, there are many way to connect. Mentally, emotionally, through specific energy centers or types, values, life goals etc.

Connection imo means you are resonating on the same frequencies in very specific ways, which allows transfer of information. Dis-aligning yourself so you are no longer in resonance and hence not “connected” is most easily done if you use techniques designed to address exactly how you are connected.

For example cord cutting works for minor causal connections created through shared experiences, but don’t work well for mental connections, which need psychological techniques. A habituation can be treated like a parasitic thoughtform and attacked to “kill” it. Past life shared experience can’t be changed you have to change yourself to let go of the emotions making this a big deal.


I’m asking for someone else, so I probably endend up using the wrong words. But yeah, it is about cutting a connection between two people.

Thank you for the explanation!