Is there Any other methods of Evocation?

Is is there a different way on Evoking entities besides of saying their enns?

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There are many ways to call or summon an entity, and evocation is not the only thing that exist.
We should know that before enns come to existence those before us have been dealing with entities.

So, yes, to your question.


Firstly, enns are not a method of evocation. They are used in demonolatry to invoke the energy of the demon. They do not summon.

Second, you never, ever, have to use enns. I don’t. and I evoke just fine.

Third, there are dozens of methods of evocation that do not require enns: Golden Dawn, Enochian, Hermetics, the system of EA Koetting, Solomon’s Magick…the list is endless.


Mmm.if you don’t mind me asking what do you do to evoke or invoke an entity?

I use the general system of evocation of EA Koetting.

Basically, I relax into trance, open the spirit’s seal, and call them to appear before me. Sometimes, I’ll use EA’s Conjuration to Summon Forth, but mainly I just chant their name.


K thank! How often should you chant a spirit name to appear? Is 3 good?

Chant it until they show up. Generally, they will announce themselves or tell me to stop with the calling once they are there.


K. Thanks! I just asked because I still can’t hear or sense energy.

I always thought the enns were required lol

Well, I always aim to disappoint :wink:


Enns are a religious thing. No religion is ever required, certainly not the religion of Demonolatry or it’s dogma.