Is there a werewolf spell?

I wanna know If there’s a spell for it because I want to have power running through my very being and looking like a absolute apex predator physically muscular and intimidating like a bipedal beast I like to still control my own actions because I want to change the world

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Not really. The closest I’ve seen on here is where we talked about the wraithe book. But it’s less a spell and more a very involved and lengthy operation, which if I recall is permanent.

It’s actually easier to put in the gym time tbh.


No. That’s not going to happen with a simple spell. This isn’t a fantasy novel.


“IF” powers like this exist, they exist in secret and are tightly controlled. They won’t be rolling around the internet for just anyone to find.



Yes, there is.

In John Michael Greer’s Circles of Power, at the very end of the book, there is a spell for shapeshifting.

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What chapter is that shapeshifting spell and have you tried any of these spells?

It’s easily found on Amazon for under $40.

i seriously doubt it will make the OP a " physically muscular and intimidating apex predator" like he imagines.

Steroids. If you really want to look like some sort of inhuman apex predator go ahead and try dbol with some HGH and come back and talk to us in 6months. I don’t think magic alone will help you here. Hit the gym.

I think people get the wrong aspect of my desire I think being physically powerful is nice but my want is more like not getting my meat suit ended easily while shapeshifting it’s cool to shapeshift in a creature but getting one shot no thanks

Well, I’m not exactly a person with limiting beliefs, so I’ll suggest you contact either Orias or Ose for your needs.
It is said Orias can metamorphose a man into any shape. Ose can help your mind to believe you are the thing that you wish to become. But be careful, if you want to become a werewolf you could very easily end up harming those around you because Ose can make it so that you will 110% believe you are a werewolf. Meaning you will have zero self control once mentally changed by him. I advise caution proceeding with this.

Perhaps both of them could help as a team for your needs. As far as getting advice from humans who are not very old or experienced I recommend learning these things from spirits that are much older than us. Let them break it down for you so you can understand better, if this is possible or just simply a fantasy.

Naw, this is in some stories but not most. The fan fiction certainly includes plenty of self controlled werewolves

For those that don’t know, the romance book genre is basically women’s porn, because we’re not visual, we need the story. But self control when you could murderise an entire room and hold back for love or some shit’s sake is hot, so… (… don’t ask me how I know this exists lol!) The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice maysherestinpeace is a kinkyassed doozy, highly recommended as long as you’ve got a strong stomach for horror porn.


I mean, if you’re conforming to a fictional entity you have a hell of a lot of options within what’s recognizable as “wolfy” and you can author the spec to suit.

I still think if you work out half as hard as the guys in those book covers you’ve got it sorted.

Scholars theorize that the myth of the werewolf started in the Western world when ergot got mixed into the local bread supply and villages basically started tripping balls. It’s all about the lack of control inherent in the human animal and the urge to give into one’s impulses (when living in a Puritan society, there is no better outlet for one’s urges than blaming them on one’s bestial nature).

Check out something called the “Feraliminal Lycanthropizer”.
It is supposedly a specific tone that reduces you to primal animalistic instincts while listening to the tone. I highly doubt headphones would work and I recall years ago I couldn’t find a credible source of the tone by itself. You would need high end audio gear and be able to pump it into a room with some force.

Also - Ose – Demon President of the Night – Demon Encyclopedia

to change a Man into any Shape that the Exorcist pleaseth, so that he that is so changed will not think any other thing than that he is in verity that Creature or Thing he is changed into.

I don’t really think that theory holds much water and sounds like speculation without bothering to look up the etymology. In any case it’s a bit of a leap from “convulsions, lesions and hallucinations” to oh that must be why they are “A person believed to have been transformed into a wolf”.

Werewolf also goes back a bit further than American history, and I don’t agree the Salem trials were due to ergot poisoning either.

So I guess this “scholar” also forget about the Ulfhednar before that that more like actually did spark werewolf lore? They were outcasts like the Berserkir in Norse society, living together outside the village. "Werewolf comes from the old English “wer” meaning man and ulf meaning wolf. … Norse did three types of were, wolf, boar and bear.

However, I’m referring to popular modern use where there’s enough egregores fed by hundreds of millions of people to form a small army of salty goodness tailored to women’s wants, like, what was it, a dude with “power running through my very being and looking like a absolute apex predator physically muscular and intimidating like a bipedal beast”.

We’re in fiction land, there’s no reason that can’t be the model. Not a dude with ergot poisoning.

…I’m also interested in cryptids, such as the Dogmen which could also have sparked stories among the Native Americans as they are basically humanoid wolves, but they don’t shift. And then there’s the skin walkers. These are, if you believe in cryptids, actual, self controlled, intelligent, predatory wolfmen creatures, tho not really human friendly and not part of human society so a lot less fun.

Its the final chapter I believe. It involves creating an astral body of the creature you want to inhabit (wolf). You then project your conciousness into the astral body and from there you can soul travel in the astral body.

In your case, you would enter the wolf body, and then enter your own body as the wolf.

With this wolf soul inhabiting your human body you would be half wolf and half human.

Very true lol

Um…I didn’t? That was someone else.

Fair enough. Sorry for the accusation.

I haven’t tried it personally, but Greer is a fantastic resource.

Hehe yes cryptids are very interesting dogman mothman wendigo and the flatwoods monster to name a few

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