Is there a way to magically fix a tooth?

I recently went to the dentist and she told me that I might have to fix a tooth because it seems there’s a hole in it and it’s the first time ever for me to have a hole in my teeth.

She wasn’t sure that it needed to be fixed but she was gonna talk to someone else about it and if I get called back it means that they need to fix it. I’m super scared and nervous. I’m fine with needles but not in my d”mn mouth.

I was wondering if there might be a way magically to fix that tiny hole?
Is there an entity that could heal it or what could work?

Healing entities that I know of would be Marbas,Buer?, raphael
Could they help or what would you suggest?

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Ask another dentist? In my experience, they’ll take any excuse to do work so they can get your money. It’s a business after all. Ask Rafael if he thinks it’s a good idea, and if he agrees, it’s worth doing.


Binaural beats / rife frequencies / subliminals - all on youtube. Various fat heavy diets also help the mouth, but I find it taxing on the liver so i have to alternate :laughing:


Fix, not to my knowledge. Keep from hurting or getting worse, maybe. :wink:

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This work is for free. I’m 19 and in Sweden we have free dental care until you’re 23 if I remember correctly

Well keep it from getting worse would be great

I think you should talk to your dentist again and if you’re okay with that, start treatment. If you don’t come to a common solution, you should consult another dentist.

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I use Mastermedi Zinc Oxide Eugenol Cement Dental Care Kit. If you have the money, just use a dentist. I don’t have the money.

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if you see this. it’s 2yrs old I don’t help anymore :slight_smile:

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Interesting first post. Welcome to the forum.

Well they still get money from the insurance if they do something, so Mulberry is not wrong.

So what happened to the tooth?

I don’t remember if they did anything or not but I’ll be back in september to either fix it again or it’s another one idk

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Putting this here in case anybody may find it useful info:

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