Is there a way to find out WHO hexed you?

Just as the title says.

Been doing some research. All I get is how to find out if you’re hexed or crossed. Not if there’s a way to pin down a possible identity…

Speak to me, o Wise Experts… please?


Not an expert - just a horse in a field.

Is it not better to break the hex, build up a teflon coating and stop anyone that way?

If whoever cast it detects that you are actively probing they might push back further and you might end up in a situation you really don’t want. ie all out war - and why get distracted by some insignificant individual who is such a pointless waste of DNA when your energy could be used on healing yourself or your outrageous lottery win?

That would make them thoroughly sick - hopefully they would implode!

Hope you are feeling better after your scare!


Normally I’d say yes. I’ve a lifetime of dealing with crap. But after you’ve been hexed by a woman who is jealous of you because a coven leader has the hots for you and your pets nearly die while everything else goes to hell around you - and it takes identifying who they are and getting the coven leader to talk to them to make it stop - you learn that identities can be important.

And tonight… we thought I was improving and I felt it hit with a slam, a hard slam, after I’d done what I could to just break. I lay in bed screaming in agony for I don’t know how long. So, no, in this case I gotta know how to direct.

Also. I just wanna know if it’s my ex or that person who still falsely believes I did something someone else did. Or that random chick who bumped into me on the street. If it’s my ex, no amount of building teflon will help. Let’s just say if you look up the psychology of spousal abuse and how ex’s will use kids and whatever they can to continue abusing long after the divorce is done, you will find a good description of the ex.

I came here considering hexing him but in the end never lifted a finger. Which is how I am. I’m just more content to live well and let that be revenge. But he’s a whole 'nother slice of pie, that person.

And if you’re gonna act like ISIL then I need to treat you as the threat you apparently are.


Love the horses btw. LOL


We all get on well until one gets out the phone or camera then it gets like this…

I’m the one taking the picture BTW.


Yea, divination. More potently scrying. But it’s not easy. An able astrologer / palmist would give you the exact name of the bastard. But it’s hard to get palmist/astrologer like that, and even if you get, I think they won’t be cheap. :expressionless:


For some reason that pic made my day. :blush:


I would use a pendulum. It’s as simple as going down the list of suspects until you get an affirmative answer.


Ask your ancestors to reveal your enemy to you. I’ve done it before. And it worked. And I definitely got the right person.

Don’t want to go into anymore detail about that situation but I’d vouch for giving your ancestors a shout out and see what happens. For me the answer came as the name being whispered into my mind. But I couldn’t hear anything else but the whisper. Everything else was blocked out. One of those wierd things.


How clear was the whisper, how would one be sure it’s not a figment of their imagination.


I thought maybe divination, but I also thought maybe there’s another way. I might know someone, if I can get my phone to work. See, it ALSO died mysteriously. -_- I usually have to guide her to look outside of the weather though.

My ancestors don’t talk to me. LOL.

And this is the first skill my father ever taught me. So I shall also try this.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. It’s been a long night, I’m tired, and I’m gonna try to get a phone to work.

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It was entirely clear. If you think you are imagining it then you probably are.


Sorry to hear that. I tried to help 🤷

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Thats fucking valuable piece of information, thanks.


Hey no worries. It’s just not the family’s way is all. The suggestion is a great one either way. But I think it’s because they know that I know that I’ve been around before.

Can you imagine if someone reincarnated tries to summon ALL of their ancestors from ALL the lives? (she says cuz her mind his going now) It would be a real powerhouse of a mess.

In Chinese accent: No wait, kind sir, but she called us to help out. Also you are a-stepping on my foot.
Russian accent: No, it is I who will help her. All of Russia shall help her! In Russia, you do hex not hex do you!
Texan: Now y’all know she hasn’t been in Europe for generations…


Ha ha ha I have memories from three other lifetimes but I focus on THIS one. Honoring the ancestors of my past incarnations never occurred to me. That would have been something inthose lives, I have new ones now.


Well it’s like my ancestors simply aren’t there. There was one time, and one time only, that I was helped by an ancestor - it was for a demonic/reptilian marital union. She was very very annoyed that she had to come help, like I was an inconvenience, and she came from VERY far away. VERY far away. She wasn’t even dressed from my tribe, but from the Navajo clans. Ssssoooo I don’t bother my ancestors - which mind you would be nice because 2 of them were badass. One took on the English and won even. But yeah. No bother da old guys.

Actually I don’t think it’s in my people’s way to even do that. So that might be the root of it all.

The spirits, now. They’re all about it. But that was my people’s way, before Christianity.

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So how’s it going? Did the pendulum help reveal the perpertrator?


Track them down astrally maybe? find a connection between you, the hex, and the hexor


A method used with the path of smoke that kurtis taught awhile back is to make a black jar candle consecrated to absorb negative energy. After it is consecrated and soot will build on the jat as the negativity is bound up, if the soot builds up more than halfway down it is a result of baneful energy aimed at you. After the candle burns down it can then be used as a scrying mirror to home in on the sender.