Is there a spell or something to make one forget about a memory?

Hi! I wonder if there is anything like a spell that could someone forget a memory. It sounds silly, but at the same time I was curious about it. Does anyone know something about it?

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That was fast! Thank you so much.

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Well, memory alteration is an advanced thing to get into, but you may try some self-hypnosis. Whenever that anxious or undesirable memory surfaces, you can use a visual of that memory being placed in a small box which gets smaller and smaller until it’s not there anymore using the mantra “that never happened.” State it firmly, matter of factly, and rhythmically, calmly. Take the repetitions slowly.

The memory is still there, but its priority level is in a compartment labeled, that’s not important, that’s not real, and that’s not happening anymore.


Yes there is

I’ve personally used this an it’s superb

Good luck


Although I don’t remember truly removing a memory (then again, if I remember removing a memory, I would remember what I did remove, so maybe I did succeed? I don’t remember, lol.), I have managed to remove the effects of them.

I managed this through shamanic journeying, mostly. I am pretty sure there are methods on here how to do so.

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