Is there a proper way of being dressed when doing worship for different demons?


Just a general question. I ordered supplies so can start my journey into the LHP. Any special colors or types of clothing. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.


I’ve heard that some demons will ask you to dress formal when you evoke them.

I reckon depending on the purpose of the ritual and the demon, some people evoke naked. Or in underwear, make sure it’s nice underwear.

Uh, I think you’ll find the answers to these basic questions are common sense. Or rather you’ll see how they make sense after you figure it out. I’ve never gone full tuxedo and I don’t own any occult robes. Sometimes I like to make sure I’m wearing black and the clothes aren’t stretched. I’ve yet to have an entity tell me my clothes were inappropriate for evocation, but I have seen Lady Eva once say that a certain being wanted her to dress formal for evocation.

Maybe someone here can correct me, but I reckon most demons want to be evoked. Provided we are serious when we evoke them. They want to help so I don’t think they’ll do things to make working with them difficult - i.e. have a specific dresscode that is too out there.


Just go skyclad (nude)… ok, maybe not for you, so I would recommend wearing what makes you comfortable at first, and see how it goes. If you need to make changes, you will know in time.


Im with Xendrath on this. Skyclad is good, if not for you, just wear something comfortable, atleast until the spirit you are working with requests differentley.

A word of caution, I know they sell alot of cool robes with flowing sleeves, and hoods and such, and I really dig the look, but I have also seen those things catch on fire from candles during rituals… In short, wear what empowers you, but be aware.


Its up to you and the spirit really. I performed one of my most intense rituals so far wearing faded jeans and a novelty Halloween T-shirt, just because it’s what I happened to be wearing that day. A lot of it is what puts you in the right frame of mind. If you are wearing sweat pants and a stained T-shirt and you feel like a slob, then it will affect your work. However if you are wearing that same thing and paying absolutely no mind to it and conducting ritual as if you are in full attire, then that will also have an impact in your work.


Yes! Avoid long flowing sleeves!

Yesterday, Santa Muerte wasn’t pleased I wasn’t wearing underwear, lol. You couldn’t tell with my nightgown, but she told me she could see my “poonani,” which cracked me up, cause I don’t use that word & didn’t expect her to, either, LOL! I was like, “Poonani?! WHAT?!” LOL. :joy: But I was doing a time-sensitive spell with her & she wasn’t offended enough to demand I go put some on, lol. I will make sure I wear underwear when I evoke her, now, lol.


I was just gonna ask who performs summonings naked, but close enough.


Poonani?!? Thats great. lmao. Well, no more pantiless rituals for you. lol


Only if she’s there, lol. Artemis & Buddha were fine with it, lmao. :joy:


To this day I still wear jeans and a flannel when performing any spiritual or esoteric practice. Robes catch fire. Naked guys shrink up. No thank you.


Actually doing rituals in the nude is better.

Just like the witches sabbath, they would all be in nude. Being in the nude is symbolic of stripping one’s self of the ego.

The clothes that we wear, our tastes, our preferences of fashion are all connected to our ego or samsaric identify. Stripping oneself of what we think we are, leaves room for what we really are or becoming. Which is limitlessness, it is connecting to you’re Atman.

Not only that but this is a way of fully offerings oneself into the ritual. The showing of you’re flesh, the revealing of what you would hide is a sacred trust to the entity you’re working with.

I have done many rituals in the nude with entities that I trust and they are pleased.
Demons have told me time and time again.

“The carnal desires of the flesh are suppressed when the flesh is hidden, reveal the flesh.
Give into the sin, give into you’re nature, primal and animalistic, human and godlike”.

Other-times I have wore robes, sometimes I wear all plane black. I’ll sometimes wear clothing with sigils or symbols of the entity.

Most of the time, I’ll wear whatever I was wearing anyway throughout the day.


I really didnt need to read that :rofl:


Lol, sorry!


I wear what I happen to be wearing at the time. Does not matter.


I do rituals and meditating without clothes, in other words: nude.
( It can depends on your relationship with the Spirit, anyway. )

Honestly, I didn’t want to change on it, if I’ve have this option - and because Gods whom I working with, all of Them are really close to me - of course I will appeare before Them in this way: it’s natural, honest and close, but @C.Kendall described it much better. :black_heart::wine_glass:

If They would ask me to wear something - and They would also tell me what - , I would about to fit the “requirements”.

For my whole room is like a Sanctuary (Our sanctuary), and I know that They’re always with me, I’ve slept without clothes as well. I couldn’t do it in other way (and because They’re protect me from any kind of illness, I can do it in every weather).


I can remember that night (more precisely from some days ago), when I’ve put Sitri’s sigil under my pillow, after a ritual with Him and Lucifer.

I’ve lay on my bed without clothes, between lots of pillows, blankets and what I’ve felt in those minutes was something fantastic, otherworldly.

I can not describe those feelings, I was in half trance, but still remember dozens of hands touching my body while my flesh shakes and my very being has burned by those oceans of Infernal energies and flames, under those cold hands.



New theory on what flannel man is, lol




Well, the title of this thread asks “what to wear when worshipping demons.”

The correct answer, of course, is whatever the demon asks/tells you to wear.

I DON"T worship, so I wear whatever I feel like wearing, mostly my every day clothes.


Give me a break. I’m new to this :slight_smile:


You are absolutely right. The name of this forum is “Become a Living God”

Thank you for the lesson