Is there a prison in hell?

Because you dont need to die to go to another realm? otherwise projection is literally moot.

I mean I guess. If it is in fact the Hell we all know and love, and not some castaway illusion world cooked up by an entity; or someone’s own mental projection of a Hell.

There’s always controversy surrounding this topic because people be so balls-deep in their agendas, peddling propaganda. Surely the Christians can’t be lying about everything.

That’s reasonable, then again I only find that probable in the astral plane (which I tend to avoid) as to me the astral is a plane consisting of thoughts/formations of the imagination. So you have a point.

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I had a couple of Christians or watch towers come to the door this morning. They asked me what I believed were are here for. I gave an easy answer of procreating and taking care of the earth. They naturally went to genesis and quoted what I already knew. Supposedly they want to come by on Saturday. Its my brother’s house and not mine. Apparently, they don’t know I’m working with Lucifer, Lilith, Samael, and a lot of other daemons. I guess they don’t know or weren’t told… or maybe they were. Eh… I think its just to see if I want to give their church money tbh.

No, he wasn’t. Just… leave Lop_Pollo be.


That’s awesome… thank you for sharing… I hope to work there… There are quite a few I would love to kill over and over and over…

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Yeah idk what he did but with him being the angel of death I’m guessing he took people to and from there. He doesn’t go as much anymore because others do it for him. I tried asking him what it was like but he said I didn’t need to worry about it

I thought about this one a bit and a possibility hit me - it might be there for initiatic experiences. For example someone might have made pacts or deals whose soul wouldn’t necessarily stay there of its own volition and so it sort of needs to be bottled for a period of time to be kept in that zone. Also possible that the person had a fear of hell, or perhaps weren’t grounded with enough experience of that, and so it was something of their own choosing to ‘do a bid on the lava Allin’.

Question I’d wonder about - what would they have in place of candy and cigarettes for currency?