Is there a prison in hell?

I was surprised to find out that hell or this place of fire and brimstone has a prison. Why would there be a prison in hell? Please correct me if I’m wrong…

They send you there for doing good deeds.


Where did you reAd It?

Oh I better stop doing good deeds…

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I didn’t read it. Ozius is a gatekeeper of this prison. He showed me who he is.

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And what happens there?

Do you know of others who can testify of this prison?

Who is Ozius? That’s a Greek name but a search of it comes up with a genus of crabs.

I would expect there’s a lot of prisons in various places in the Abyss… as above. so below, lot’s of places both specific and invented are there. Human dreams will have created a lot of them, and there would be copies of physical prisons as there any building in the astral areas close to the physical plane.


Tartarus in my opinion is what the Infernal Nation uses, just as the Greeks.

My dreams of hell have had everything from shopping malls, air ports, train stations, housing units, prisons, forges, palaces, beaches, islands, mountains, oceans, hospitals, and more. And they aren’t all gray or black or red and craggy and lava filled fire storms of death. But dreams constructed of my mind could be absolutely wrong. Oh, there was a nice farm in one where you could walk on the sky upside down or sideways too. Throw physics out the window. Most of the time I’ve seen gods, or spirits, demons, w/e lounging or shopping or doing very mundane tasks. I’ve also seen entire airplanes turned into pools of blood being eaten by massive jaws after I got off at a palace airport. Lava that’s not lava turning into a rug, etc etc. Skys the limit tbh. And in one “dream” if it was a dream as it was just weird as hell and I felt very unreal had me turned into chick at one palace and attended to other spirts and dressed in a gown and such. Seemed very odd and I couldn’t convince the courtier that I wasn’t a woman. It didn’t help that the mirror showed I was drop dead gorgeous. So dreams or my spirit has some heavy divine feminine in it. Complete opposite of when I’m awake in this world but maybe the more you delve into paths with certain spirits the more they influence your mind. I’ve even been locked up in one of the crystal cube prisons once. Was pretty peaceful in there so I took a nap. That was before I got led to a palace. (shrugs)

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Because Bubba’s waiting for you, of course. :eggplant:


“Hell” is a nation like any other, so ofc it’ll have prisons and such, the “spiritual” is still a physical realm for its inhabitants, laws and such exist in their civilizations and punishments. Often times the spiritual is looked at through rose colored glasses when it is very much like how our physical is to us.

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Who is that? Is it a spirit?

Yes, the spirit of giving people instant astral travel.

But at a terrible price. :thinking:


I don’t care about the price. What is it?

I dont know… I asked him what his power was and he showed me a prison and he escorts you there.

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Given you already offered your body to another entity lol I don’t think you have much to offer left lmao.


maybe he already knows. And wants something I can offer

Maybe I got the pronunciation wrong… but he didn’t say anything…