Is there a prison in hell?

Seriously, dude?

@Lady_Eva was making a prison joke. Honestly, you can’t really be that gullible. :roll_eyes:


can you explain the joke?

Bubba is the stereotypical redneck name, and the joke is about a big man named Bubba making you his prison wife, aka his bitch.



So no projection?

Was I joking? :thinking:

Think again.


Bwahaha :rofl::rofl:


I love this forum.


me too


I thought this forum was a serious place for a human like myself to ask serious questions…
Its disappointing to have someone like you make light of such things…
I consider your remark insulting especially to Ozius. He is not to be mocked…

The Spotted-belly Crab kills its prey using a special curved tooth at the base of its large claw to cut into a snail. The thin fingers of the other claw are used to pull out the soft parts of the victim. The adult crab also developes a molariform tooth, which can crush its victim.
Thank you for sharing your insight… Now I understand that Ozius chose this name to describe his power to me… I am very grateful Maulbeere… He is an executioner.
The feelings and energy levels I was receiving from him explains everything… he omits pure evil… WOW
Such an honour…
I think he was trying to tell me I’m not evil enough…
For what I want to become…

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Might be wrong here but I don’t think he’s joking. I think that’s just his natural mental state.


What did I say wrong?

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Lol! Brilliant! Asstral travel! Ha! :laughing:


That’s gonna be my new term for giving someone an out of body experience through anal sex, and preferably not as I’m pulling out if you get my drift, or theirs, lol! This is why I return to this forum and continue to fall in love with Lady Eva all over again. :smile:



So, apparently according to some of those links sodomy (esp homosexual sodomy) can lead to opening of the third eye to see spirits. Yeah, there is the old drop the soap joke and such about prisons but sex is powerful and from just using toys in a ritual I will say the channeling of pure unquenchable lust is possible. Now, I might be going down (or up) the wrong path but if you ask for certain lustful sex spirits into you (sort of like how the one link to the “Devil’s lair: Anal Sex” chats about on that blog I can attest to a kink in a ritual that’s hard to end (or I’m lightly obsessed/possessed atm). I don’t think they really believe the ole “brown eye” is the third eye nor (for males) "ole one eye willy. (in which case guys have 4 eyes?).

I’m sure the OP is more interested in those catholic versions of hell and damnation or maybe this video:

There is a court house in hell…so anyone need a divorce lawyer I’m sure you know who to call lmao😂 in all seriousness of this there is alot of things in hell that is weird and unknowing of how or y it’s there

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Yes there’s a prison. It’s the place that Christian’s try to get you to be scared of. Azrael used to work there. He doesn’t anymore though. It’s one of the first things he told me about himself when we were getting to know each other.

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I know I have job down there. I sometimes wonder it is.