Is there a demon or god who can cure any disease?

is there any god or demon who can cure any disease and illness. I was thinking about contacting marbas cause i have a illness called narcolepsy and was wondering if a god like marbas can actually cure narcolepsy. The reason why i want my illness cured is because i bought mastering kundalini by robert bruce and he said that you need to meditate about 2-4 hours when doing raising kundalini attempts and i cant meditate that long because of my narcolepsy. I take adderal to stop being so tired all the time but i cant take adderal when raising kundalini cause that could be dangerous. So pls let me know if there is any god that can actually cure any illness or disease.
I also cant hear spirits so i hope they can still heal me.



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Hent’yos in my number one.


Please try search function, you will find everything a long those lines. Instead of repeating the same, there much threads on that subject as well

What’s with Angel Rantka?

Is it? I managed to pull it off with no I’ll effects(I take 30mg)

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Really you did
Have you done it more than once

Ok thanks

I also take 30 mg btw

So do you think i should try to do it

Only done it once so far. And yeah, try it out.

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Ok btw did you do energy work before
Cause its really important to do that

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As in, felt a Kundalini experience once. Not done the exercises once

I do energy work daily

Ok what type of energy work excercises do you do

I was wondering if its enough with 20-30 min of energy work daily

I do the breath of fire meditation, and the black flame meditation, along with normal chakra balancing. Lilith can also help you with it.

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I’ve had some success with Marbas for a tiny hernia problem for someone else but I’ve never asked for help with something that big. The bigger the health problem the more the practitioner might have to do I suppose but your intent has to be so genuine. Real world magick just makes you wish TV/Hollywood exaggerated depiction of magick was real.

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I would definitely go with Marbas. I bought my mom a ritually-charged quartz imbued with the power of Marbas because she was on oxygen and struggled to breathe. Within a month she barely uses her O2 anymore.


Ok is it okay if i contact lilith using an ouija board
Cause i cant hear spirits