Is there a daemonic version to the LBRP

@AlphaC As everyone knows I don’t do Angels or anything of that sort.

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I’ll share some stuff I arrived at over time, this is just from my own notes and not suggesting you have to use it but to show alternatives.

Raising energy and casting a kind of circle:

Binding (not banishing) “negative” forces:

Probably the biggest takeaway is the power of using your own core beleifs (mine are never going to be about a light/dark, angels/demons thing, even though I use those words as labels) as the guideline: for example, I prefer working with natural forces, reflected in the Stoicheia in the first thread, because I believe the universe tends towards more life, rather than being a cosmic battle between light and dark.


I also dont follow a battle between forces in my own inner belief structure and i agree the creative force at work does seem to propigate life. well written here .


Yep. Have you experimented? Why does your daemonic version work? Rock on!!!

hi guys! couldnt help but notice this thread…and i see you need some instruction.

the lesser banishing ritual is some of the first magic you’re supposed to learn for a REASON. the reason is thus, to teach you how to do ceremonial magic. yes it banishes spirits and all that bullshit, but its primarily a teaching tool.

this ritual can be altered if you wish it. however certain things must not be changed…otherwise its a completely different ritual.

drawing the pentagrams: the pentagrams must be of blue energy, it dosen’t matter how you draw them, only that you circle the energetic symbol in the leftward direction (very important)(left for banishing, right for invoking). the pentagrams can be replaced with any symbol of sacred geometry. the pentagram, the hexagram, shit man even the flower of life if you’re strong enough (you probably aren’t yet and that’s ok, keep at it.). whatever symbol you choose it must be blue and the border of that symbol must be drawn to the left.

connecting the power: once you have your pentagrams (or whatever) drawn connect them all with a line of blue energy that extends all around your circle.(this part of the ritual CANNOT CHANGE for obvious reasons)

calling the corners: this is the most modular part of the banishing ritual…hell, all of ceremonial magic. there are about 6 groups of spirits that i know of that can be called upon during rituals of ceremonial magic. lets just mention the most popular 2 groups of spirits, the archangels of the watchtowers and the demonic gatekeepers.
did you know that any groups of corner spirits can be called upon for basic rituals like this one? probably not. not alot of people know this, but gatekeepers, angels, elementals…it all makes no difference. (at least for this ritual)

as long as you keep to the basic structure and energy of the banishing ritual, then you can basically do what you want with it. …besides, its there to teach you the format for higher level rituals in the first place. don’t take yourself too seriously and have some fun y’all.


There’s a ritual within norse magick called the hammer ritual that serves the same purpose and function but without all of the JCI influence.


There are several demonic versions of the lbrp that don’t call upon jci names. If you know where to look.

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I used a version of the LBRP using Enochian names instead of the Angelic names.

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Can you elaborate more on that??? How is it done and what is it for??

Interesting, what were the results like?

I know you had a bit of a rough time recently, did you notice whether doing this improved or disrupted things in any way?

Sure there is, and once you master the LBRP, you can readily design your own. Meanwhile, I’ve already personally taken the LBRP, and with it amalgamated a new, more suitable ritual to be of use with daemonic intelligences or generally before acts of sorcery.

Apparently a number of people besides myself have found and used one version or another of my LBRP for years due to how I’ve posted it elsewhere and received good feedback. Reading this now, feel free to give it a shot, too.

However, it’s important to note beforehand that my version of the LBRP uses the averse pentagram. This does not draw off of largely 19th century borne associations backdated to the five wounds of Christ and so forth, or the material plane dominating the spiritual as in implied warfare between forces of good and evil. To necessarily assign superiority or morality to the “right side up” or averse state of the pentagram would be shortsighted in terms of the bigger picture, in other words, much as it can be important to grok that the influence of vertically-oriented afterlife based (i.e. higher is better), super-celestial religions didn’t come about to change our perception of spirituality until later in history as well. In my understanding, the two pentagrams are thus simply representative of two juxtaposed poles or modes of divinity as found existing in manifested expression.

So understand off the bat this rite isn’t used to create a sinister vibe, and least of all because, “demons!”–so much as it can be useful for achieving an overall empowered mental state. The resulting mental state arrived at is fairly supportive of a self-deification, “LHP” type approach in other words, and therefore it often sets the tone properly for related rituals as I’d mentioned above.

From what I gathered of a similar averse star ritual put forth by Crowley for a little more detail; the averse star in the contex used referred to the unity or one divine source that has become as the many here, below the abyss; the idea that this material world is a chance for divinity to individuate and experience itself; that we are all fragments of the divine clothed in the mundane; that we are each gateways or “nexions” in truth between the material and acausal. My LBRP is an elemental banishing rite much as it is an empowering affirmation of the above.

With theory kept in mind, I’ll now post the ritual proper below.


Rite of the Averse Star
Note: This rite, as previously mentioned, stands mostly as an amalgamation of other rites based fundamentally upon the traditional G.’.D.’. LBRP at heart. The language used is Enochian. Feel free to modify the below according to wit or whim.

  1. The Cruciform of Light
    (A variant of the Kaballistic Cross)
    Note: The cross as an archetype predates popular Christian usage. Here, in short, the equal armed cross essentially equates to symbolizing the balance struck between above and below, mercy and severity, and toward spiritual orientation achieved overall for the aspirant.

Stand or be seated facing eastward. Become aware of a certain divine light GLOWING somewhere up above your head. Reach up above your crown chakra with right hand when ready. Pull down a streamer of glowing light via your right hand and onto your crown chakra. Feel the light beam from an infinite height however this is easiest to allow as you intone:
[ie. “Thou art”]

Pull the light down with intent and direction into your heart chakra, and vibrate:
[i.e. The HGA substitute]

Next move the light to your groin/root center, but be sure to intend the energy also vivifies and stirs the chakras in your feet, feeling the connection between above and below, between spirit and matter, as the light becomes grounded within, intoning:
[ie. “The kingdom”]

Pull some light up and over to your right shoulder. There form a ball, vibrating:
[i.e. “The power”]

Pull a line of light from this ball through the heart chakra area, across to the right shoulder, and there intend another swirling ball to form as well, vibrating:
[ie. “And the glory”]

Extend your arms outwards to your side like an infinitely huge cross, in the Sign of Osiris Slain, vibrating:“GO-HEY-DAH!”
[ie. “Eternal!”]

1) Consecration of the Quarters

Dia. #1: Banishing Earth

Still facing eastward, trace or project your first pentagram, vibrating through it:

Turning to face northward, extend a burning line of light from the first pentagram to where you face in the next quarter, making your next pentagram there and vibrating:

Turning to the west, continue extending this fiery line to the next quarter, and forming another averse star, vibrate:

Turning southward, with same fiery line continuing, making another star, and vibrate:

Addressing the Watchtower Guards: Complete your magickal circle by returning to face eastward again, there vibrating: RA-ASA EE LUCIFER "In the east is Lucifer"

“In the west is Hekate”

“In the south is Astaroth”

“And in the north is Belial”

Feeling these pentagrams encircling you as well as having grounded the spirit presences outside your circle, address all watchtower guardians at once with the following:
“Behold! For around me flames the living lamps, and within the column shines the (six rayed) star!”

2) Repeat “The Cruciform of Light” from step zero, above, to complete ritual. Soak in vibe of temple.


This is some very cool stuff, welcome! :heart_eyes:

Btw please check your messages, green icon, top right - you have mail. :+1:

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Bumping this because I had to use the above ritual yesterday. While I couldn’t perform it perfectly I did the basic functions to the best of my memory, switched out Hecate for Azazel because I forgot it was Hecate in here, and spoke in English… And yet it still worked perfectly.


That’s awesome. Good to hear.

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From what I’ve read there is another alternative called “the star ruby” that’s the one I’m gonna look into

Very nice with enochian too


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A Satanic Pentagram Ritual

Facing East
With the left hand:

Touch Head: AZAZEL
Touch Genitals: BELIAL
Touch Right Shoulder: ASMODEUS
Touch Left Shoulder: ASTAROTH
Clasp Hands in front of chest: BAPHOMET
[The Names are vibrated!]

The pentagrams.
[The pentagrams are drawn and visible!]

EAST: Lucifer
NORTH: Lilith
WEST: Leviathan
SOUTH: Satan

Around me flame the Pentagrams – the Stars of Force and Fire
I am Eternal – Infinite and Immortal!



@Uncle-Al so totally awesome!!!

Yeah mate. I’m full of it!

East: Yellow flames
North: Green flames
West: Blue flames
South: Red flames

Don’t know from where it came. I posted because it works (like all my other stuff).