Is there a baseline color to energy?

I had a thought. Whenever I’m manipulating or envisioning energy, it’s blue. There are times where I see white energy but it’s usually that color when I’m using it for healing purposes.

I know that energy can be many colors but I was wondering what color do you guys primarily see as a base for energy when using it?

When I create electricity it’s white with a faint blue outline, when I heal it ranges between white and a orange-yellow mix, and when I have no purpose and I’m just playing with it I can’t see it in my minds eye but I can feel the pressure of it.

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Depends. Aside from the basic, if it’s EM and is a frequency in the visible spectrum then it’s the color for that frequency, generally no, I don’t try to associate colors to energies, it pops up or it doesn’t.

I use qigong 5 element correspondenses, so I’m more likely to associate other senses and qualities and make connections within that system, such as, sharp/dull, hot/cold, damp/dry, soft/hard, strong/weak, emotions, weather, smells, sounds, etc. Not that I don’t get colors but just statistically there’s more of the others.

I may also deliberately ignore an image including color if it’s my conscious mind making assumptions. I often associate “spaciousness” with blue and the image of little fluffy clouds in a blue sky. That’s called an Analytic Overlay in remote viewing and I now recognise that as a kind of personal metaphor for spaceiousness.


I have heard that "“light comes from darkness”. So you might start with black and “work UP” from there.