Is the Ain Soph Aur equivalent to the Source/Tao?

Title says it all.

Ain Soph Aur is the first veil above the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, translated it roughly means Limitless Light.

From my own experience, this is Source from which all emerged/is.

"Source from which all emerged/is sounds a lot like descriptions of the Tao.

So comparitively speaking, is the Tao/Source the same as the Ain Soph Aur?

@Mulberry I feel like you might be a good person to ask this to

I’m no expert in Kabbalistic philosophy, but based on the wikipedia blurb about it it sure looks like it.

I’m not a fan of labeling something related to the Tao as “light” as this is a very narrow concept for something much bigger than only EM waves, never mind visible spectrum EM, but I think this alludes to what I would call generically “energy” from a time when the ancient teachings were being steadily dumbed down into the religions of today.


If you know you know

The OTO people I talked to explained the 3 as basically infinite void, infinite singularity, and “let there be light.”

I’m apt to agree that it’s the weird naturally emergent oscillation that comes from the two contrasting extremes. Tesla was obsessed with this stuff from a different direction

“The true Tao cannot be told” but there’s tons of signposts that point to it. The small bit about Atman and Brahmin I read up on seemed strangely close as well

As for it being “light” I suspect that’s probably more allegorical like the elements are. There are several books that allude to the “light of the Tao.” Mantak Chia’s work comes to mind