Is that an astral parasite?

Dear brethren,
I was in a astralish dreamy state, when I called upon asmodeus to ask a few questions. After he answered, the communication was cut short and I came back to another mental space. In that space, someone started talking to me about things that interest me, giving me lot of information, and then they got closer and closer, when suddenly they started “chewing/crunching on my (astral)ears”. I thought that was a parasite and I immediately yelled “Haures! Kill all parasite”, that person backed off. I was still in that mental space floating around, but Haures was nowhere to be seen. Then I saw that person around the corner still hanging around, this time I grabbed hold of him and again yelled “Haures!Kill all parasite”.But then I remember, I didnot have a deal with Haures to do so and instead I had petitioned Forcalor instead earlier but forgot about it. IHaving remembered it, I yelled “Forcalor, kill all parasite”. And that person yelled “Oh! shit!” and then the dream ended. So this was my interpretation, but whoever knows what the hell reality is. So my question is, “Has anyone here experienced that chewing/crunching in your ears feeling/sound”? Any comments on the topic.

Remembering that dreams are largely symbolic, and the ears are a sense organ that bring in information, (you don’t actually have real ears except in the physical, sound is a physical phenomenon that needs physical matter to exist) this feels to me like it represents an energy that either wants to intercept and eat energy (information is energy) coming to you, stop you getting the energy, or wants to eat your energy. Maybe all three.

So I would assume it’s safe to see it as a parasite for now, until you get more information.

I would check my wards and perform a cleansing and banishing as a precaution, this type of thing shouldn’t be allowed to get this close to you.

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