Is summoning an angel in order to go through the experiment is a good thing and has no harm?

I recently saw a video of a girl on YouTube saying that summoning a guardian angel is an easy and unique experience. Is this real and true? If so, is it not so difficult that I had envisioned?
I’ve never had an experience like that before and I feel like I have a desire for this and I’m sure it will be fun.
The girl said it is best to summon an angel because he will be happy and proud to contact you.

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You need to stop trying to run before you can crawl.

You are just going to open yourself up to being attacked by parasites…

Oh lease listen to all of the regulars on here that get on all of your posts and tell you to
Slow down.

Learn the basics first then start doing other stuff. It is for your own physical, emotional and mental Well being.


Thank you for these tips, I don’t know why those creatures are doing this? Why they hurt a person He did nothing to them? Yesterday I heard someone say that even if you asked for one soul, it would bring other souls with it

Why do these things happen? How do you prevent and avoid it?

You have to master you skills first. You need to crawl before you can walk and rub.

Most of us speak from personal experience.


Yes, for this I am here

If you help me and direct me I will be grateful to you and I will give you what I can in return

I will serve you with anything I can do

I am not a goddess. Just a women that was born with powers and abilities but I am so not to the level of so many others in this forum. My knowledge is very limited to my own path.


I understand you very well, But that does not prevent me from benefiting from you and learning from you.
I will be loyal to you madam

I am lost and lost and I need your guidance because you are rational and balanced

What the fuck mate.

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I did not understand you? What do you mean?

Oof, you’re all over the place, also note not everyone has a guardian angel so don’t frontload yourself going in with the assumption you have one. However, as Angel said crawl before you can walk, walk before you can run. You’re in the crawling stage, work on your senses and leave external forces alone, don’t bandwagon cause you read something or watched something on youtube.

It’s easy for her most likely because she has a proper foundation.


This is a good thing! How do I work on my senses?

This was mentioned in your previous threads.

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Dude this is starting to turn into spam threading. I highly highly recommend making a Journal here and putting everything there. Then it’s all in one spot.

Angel gave amazing advice.

There’s many helpful threads about working on senses. The search is great for that.


Okey, Thank you.

I’am sorry about that, i will not create more tips about these things so i’am sorry again.


In English, and specially in this forum, the words “spirit” and “soul” shouldn’t be used as synonyms.

And “to serve” is not the same as of “being of use”.

What’s your first language? Some dialect of arabic? Because it seems you’re mixing those linguistic patterns. It is okay, people understand that not everyone here is a native English speaker (I speak Spanish, myself). So be aware of the linguistic barrier.

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