Is summoning an angel in order to go through the experiment is a good thing and has no harm?

It’s not about creating them it’s just if you make a journal and title tips from what I found or something like I found these is this true then everything can go in one place. It will be much easier to track and for reference.

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Okey of course i will do, Thank you brother.

Yes Thank you.

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in english spirit and soul are synonymous with one another lol.

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Yes That’s what I thought

Not in the way HE is using it!

I understand that to say the human spirit and the human soul is the same; but he was talking about entities, gods, demons, angels, whatever he had in mind, and just calling them souls, where everyone else would say “spirits”, as a generic word. It is easier for a non-native English speaker to explain it that way.


My first language is Arabic.

In fact, I use Google Translate to write some vocabulary and words

I am not good in English

@sadangel Instead of going around in circles opening multiple threads on the same thing like you are, you need to learn the basics of magick before you start summoning angels or demons. You are wanting to learn advanced algebra before you even learn basic addition and subtraction.

Let me ask you this: Do you meditate? This is number one for beginners. It teaches you to quiet your thoughts, and to concentrate on one thing.

Do you know how to enter an altered state of consciousness, or trance? This is a prerequisite for summoning spirits.

Do you know how to cleanse a space, and banish the unwanted? This is basic spiritual hygiene and usually the first thing taught in ceremonial magick.


Wonderful, thank you for these tips! I don’t know how to do those things that you mentioned.
But I can learn it

I think that you would benefit a lot from picking a good grimoire and sticking with it for a bit. There are many excellent works being published nowadays (favorite publishers - the Gallery of Magick, the Power of Magick Publishing, and BALG), and it’s ok to explore and experience many different kinds of magick, but in my experience it was helpful to have one book to turn to for my very first rituals. That way there was very little confusion. I just read the instructions, did the ritual, and then got results (sometimes you need to be patient).

I would also keep your focus on specific things that you want to work on with your magick, especially as a beginner. People often become interested in magick because of the idea of talking to supernatural beings, and while this is a part of magick, it can take time to build these skills. You can start seeing results from day 1, however, regardless of whether or not you sensed or saw any spirit.

It has also been my experience that the less I try to see spirits or have magickal experiences, the more these experiences come to me.

Once you get the hang of it magick really is quite simple, but it’s important to understand that magick is a skill. If you just ask questions about it and watch a bunch of videos, you will never experience magick. If you want to have these experiences (note that I keep using the word “experience” over and over), then you have to actively engage with your magick.

If you actually do magick, then the magick happens. Astounding, I know.

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Yes that’s right.
I do not have the money to buy a book to read and learn from, but if you give me free books in order to read it, I would be grateful.
for exmple a pdf e-book or something like that…
What does magic benefit me? I mean what is it used for? Can I do something real and see real results?
I have many questions that I did not find answers to, so I think that I will not succeed in winning talent and will not do anything.
I was totally disappointed even though I was motivated

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I don’t know why people here don’t want to reveal secrets and speak mysteriously.
I am not here for money or publishing, I am here to learn something new and useful to improve my life.

Here is a link to the book Words of Power by Damon Brand. It costs $6 on kindle (which you can read on your phone or web browser). If you cannot spare $6, believe it or not I know what that feels like, but the best advice that I can give you is to save and not blow your money on stuff that will not help you get into a better situation.

This book costs $3. It will help you find a job. If $3 is too much, go to a popular street corner and panhandle until you have $3.

Magick can make you a lot of money. Magick can get you laid, it can make you popular and respected, it can destroy your enemies, push your creativity to the extreme, and bring you everything you never knew you wanted.

If $3 and a job sounds like too high a price to pay, then enjoy your mediocre life.

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thank you for that, I will buy the book when I get $ 3 from the family.
Thank you again.

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yes that is good, sadangel a journal will help you :slight_smile:


From my experience , you don’t summon the Guardian Angel , he comes to you


I summoned mine, later banished her. I think either works for the person, summon or wait for them to come.

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Haha, how do I wait for them to come to me?