Is stephen hawking right about god?

“If there were such a God, I would like to ask, however did he think of anything as complicated as M-theory in eleven dimensions,”

“For centuries, it was believed that disabled people like me were living under a curse that was inflicted by God. Well, I suppose it’s possible that I’ve upset someone up there, but I prefer to think that everything can be explained another way, by the laws of nature,” he wrote in the chapter titled “Is There a God?”

He says he uses the word ‘God’ in an impersonal sense, like Albert Einstein did, for the laws of nature, so knowing the mind of God is knowing the laws of nature.

“My prediction is that we will know the mind of God by the end of this century."

What do you guys think?


I’ve known many disabled persons, specially blind people, who are hardcore Christians. I don’t really care very much about the Christian god when I’m not listening to Batushka, but if you want my opinion, the problem that the so called “atheists” have is that they agree with the Christians in that there is only one god, so they build their ideas around that. I find the discussion about “the Christian god is this, the Christian god is that” completely useless, specially when that idea of God is coming to an end everywhere.


@MagusOfGamaliel has some similar views to myself.

Unfortunately, atheists can often become a type of religion unto themselves, and only look for data to verify what they want to be true rather than keeping an open mind. Truthfully, many atheists I’ve known are the most intensely religious closed minded people I know and they can cut themselves off from the real power in the universe.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that the source or whatever term peeps want to use can be defined by one definition. Organized religion is often as bad because it tries to regulate the channel by which power must come.

I prefer an all of the above view.


An atheist friend told me one day that if all the “paranormal” stuff was proven to be true, his life would be completely destroyed. The same works for those that just don’t want that there would be an afterlife because they are afraid of being punished by something above their party leaders.


Most atheists i have known have a huge ego
They have no moral code at all


I think the biggest problem is that most people cant seem to comprehend the ideas of there both being a Divine force in the universe and that it just might not give a shit about you.


He had an illness that has never permitted someone to live and be active to the age of 76.

This is from The Telegraph - where are those lower teeth, why are his hands twisted and not pudgy?

Thin hands:


Puffy hands:


Of course people never LIE so there cannot be anything dishonest going on, right? :roll_eyes:

Atheists: “Yes we all have a soul that matters more than individual organs or complete human fetuses, and it doesn’t need an origin.” :rage:

Also atheists: “no. no soul can exist wihout a body because blah blah thing. Inquisition!!1!:sob:


LMFAO… That was funny.


Just gonna leave this here…
Let’s look at this from a reasonable perspective, you have a guy confined to a wheelchair, who in spite of his disability managed to still get married! Have a good paying fulfilling career, become famous, a well known and celebrated author, win a nobel prize a couple of times, and a whole lot if other good fortunes any other quadriplegic in his place could never dream of having. So you tell me Mr. Hawking…


It’s kind of interesting to read Hawkins believing that God “thinks”, as if there was something to hash out about the nature of the universe while creating it; or this M-theory being the pinnacle of complexity.

He sounds genuinely agnostic though, even if there was a hint of sarcasm. I respect that he doesn’t feel insecure about not being very well-suited to engage the topic of God, and not be prosteletyzing against religion in raging tirades. He simply asked a question. It’s brilliant.

He’s right in in own way.

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That’s an interesting post. I’d enjoy hearing more about your thoughts on that. I’m intrigued about where you’re going with it. :thinking:


What is mind of god? You mean from Hermetic perspective?

That statement is not made by me, its by stephen hawking
He seems to dismiss god in several interviews yet he passes hints of believing of a god

Well, I’m not an expert or anything, but I do believe he’s correct to some extent. I’ve previously stated my belief in a form Cosmos that sprang from a sentient desire of some form of being, this is how I interpret Theos. The source from which we sprung could have been sentient before the creation of the Cosmos, but became the Cosmos and all life inside of it.

So technically speaking, the pool from which all beings, even gods once sprung, is like an ocean created from that original desire, but since it’s not sentient, I guess you could say it’s dead. But you could also claim it’s alive because when you consider that this being became the Cosmos and everything inside of it, it seems more logical to conclude that Theos is alive in every little aspect of the Cosmos, and every being from the tiniest of insects, to the most magnificent of gods.


It’s because he doesn’t know, but he does not completely rule out the possibility. And I mean in terms of a personal god, not an ambivalent all encompassing force. He’s agnostic. It’s what I briefly went over in my post up above. :point_up:

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Oh, anywhere did he define his idea of god?

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He did mention in his final book that there is no god

I sincerely doubt that to be Stephen Hawking. His only way of “communicating” was through a speech interpretation program. He has no distinctive voice so we cannot clarify if it is him, which means anyone can speak through this interpretation program and say whatever they like, still being perceived by those who blindly accept the theories of anyone who wears a lab coat as “fact” that cannot be disputed or those who idolise him to a nauseating level as infallible.

Profane scientists are the new god. Atheism (modern) is the newest manifestation of the Judeo-Christian belief system.


Im sure he made it clear in his final book that theres no possibility of god in our universe
His final message was universe would eventually fade to darkness as the stars run out of energy. More like the end of universe

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