Is stephen hawking right about god?

Then there is no god. I’m curious as I have come across some who follow the path of occult and take pride that they are very scientific and rational. Are you one of those?

Because to me they are poles apart science can never explain anything which can’t be repeated in controlled environment nor having scientific mind will help you in getting results with rituals faster but will make it worse by removing the element of mystery of magick and divinity.

Maybe mainstream atheism since there’s this seething hatred of anything god in modern academia seeking to discredit evetything remotely associated with the concept of god. Of course, Christianity being the most influential makes it a prime target, but that’s about as far as their association goes.

It’s still all actually a byproduct of the enlightenment and scientific revolution, and later postmodernism.

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Already addressed that.

Not at all. The underlying system is the same - both Nazarene. For the Judeo-Christian, blind faith is their guide. For the atheist, blind faith (in science) is their guide. The white beard has been swapped for a white lab coat.

A point to be made clear is that - let’s say in the 700s, there were Norsemen who did not believe in the existence of the Aesir or Vanir, yet still believed in spirits of Nature and the practice of seiðr. Atheist literally means a lack of belief in “Theos” (creator being/beings), not the metaphysical as a whole. But using “a-theism” as a disposition today is a cowards way of avoiding an intellectual struggle to defend one’s belief in absolutely nothing.


No im not that type of a person, i think you misunderstood me i created this thread to know what other members in this forum has their idea on hawkings theory :slight_smile: since im new here and i find it interesting to associate with people who actually knows something here rather than scrolling through facebook and wasting time
Tbh before all this i thought all this occult stuff is crazy but now im here i have to say many members here has the knowledge of infinite pdfs on internet which is interesting

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I’m sorry but I agree! I never understood why humanity would be punished for anything in the afterlife when this level of human existence holds many mysteries and unanswered questions and phenomenons!

I agree. It’s why sometimes I consider Buddhists atheists, or why occultists can be atheists.

That’s where I’m coming from too. The text book definition of atheism is one thing but the practice is totally different. Your definition is pretty spot on. Even many science institutes have to present data a certain way to keep their grants coming in. Science is the new blind religion.

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These are called soft Atheists.

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They’re definitely bought; although I’m not entirely sure people are blind, but rather willfully ignorant and intellectually dishonest (which is worst).

Questions regarding intelligent beings or the origins of the universe don’t just go away, pressing on their minds. It’s partly I why think there’s an otherworldly facination with these queries.

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God is real and you should be scared of him. I think its important to forge relationships with other gods and demons so you can protect yourself from him.

Which one?

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Rosie O’Donnell


Oh. That would be terrifying.


You’re right, they don’t. I have a few atheists in my family.

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Athesism is this absurdity perpetuated by people who take dogmatic views of Christianity without the mysticism, say it doesn’t make logical sense, and then proceed to show how egotistical they are.
So, obviously the universe exists, you exist, so this idea of no creator makes no sense.

I’ve seen too much of that, and I’ve seen too much of what science gets wrong, and also how it goes wrong.

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