Is Sitri a creep?

Can he bring u some one you want?

Well, he’s currently doing a working for me, but I went to sleep with his sigil under my pillow, and I had a dream of the best BJ you could have ever described.


Yes, he’s brought me specific people who I wanted.


I just masturbated with his sigil under my pillow and it was the most intense orgasm ever.


I’ve been working with Sitri quite a bit these past few months, I don’t think he’s a creep at all. He definitely has a sense of humor and a sharp wit. But I’ve only had good experiences with him, he works fast and the results are very powerful! I highly recommend using him for getting someone to want you or creating an aura of sexual power. I asked him to give me a lustful aura and WOW did it work like a charm! He’s pretty awesome!


No, Sitri isn’t a creep.

Strongly sexual males have a sort of contempt for female desire. It’s a byproduct of bypassing a woman’s rejection filters, which she uses on other men.

There’s a certain thing that happens in a male’s mind when he’s fucked a lot of women with wedding rings on, or had yet another ‘above his league’ woman he just met text ‘i love you’ to her husband, fiancee, boyfriend after she finished sucking him off.

This is the mocking attitude Sitri has. He loves a woman’s desire, but laughs at her silly sense of fair play or judgment.

It’s no different than the pride and contempt Babalon or Lilith have for men, knowing all men are their playthings

The goddesses observe the male power games and all of the headtrips men throw on women.

Those same invincible, all-powerful macho men grovel and whine like dogs in front of the goddess, begging to be used and abused.

Sex exposes every human being.

These spirits laugh at human hypocrisy; they see clear through it.

I’ve said it 1000 times; the spirits know exactly who they are. It’s humans who are the liars.


It is interesting reading these things about Gods, but I heard stories before, similar like how you describe Him.

They’re never mocked me before, in turn I having sex with entities from my 12 years old age, and still nothing negative or offensive comment on me. In fact, I got raped by in some cases, but these are left no trace in me, at all.

At the moment I’m in a near (even sexual) relationship with 4 of Gods, and They teach me to I have to love myself, and my body as well.

If I would meet a God who would mockes me, I wouldn’t give to Him a single fuck. :sweat_smile::wine_glass:
I would like: No, you are wrong, Dear.

I know things from my Godself’s past and relationships (thank you for it Lucifer, Abaddon and Belial), so this knowledge was extremely useful.

but laughs at her silly sense of fair play or judgment.

It is funny, I never played fair, or go for glorious judgement. I’m a dirty minded criminal in this world, playing with desires, relationships, and illegal stuffs to get everything what I want. Without emotions.

I never interested with Sitri before, and I’m god damn busy working with Lucifer, King Belial, Abaddon and slowly Chernobog (on the presence in Pazuzu), but one day I’ll give Him a try.

Maybe just because I like these kind of games. :woman_shrugging:


I’ve heard the same thing. I’ve heard some negative stuff about sitri. I don’t know how true they are but some spirits just aren’t nice. I’ve avoided lust spells because I’m always worried about how they’ll impact the girl I’m trying to attract. That’s just my own paranoia.

There are multiple demons that work with lust. Frankly I’d rather work with demons that make me someone to lust after.

Also, if a demon behaves that way towards women, I don’t think he’ll be any kinder to men. That’s just my thoughts.

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Ah, I found a good image about Him:

from Ars of Goetia

In my personal opinion, the way how They handle you is depends on who you are (I mean, it can be just an important reason why do They handle you in that way), first and not only “who your Godself is”, but who you are down here. They are intelligent, no matter what, so there is have to be a reason why They act offensive towards someone. But even from those, you can learn.

I met famous, malevolent entities before (even via Ouija, too), but even They did not handle me wrong or mocked me. So you should look inside yourself before you describe an entity I guess. Not all of Gods have time or mood for whatever people, anyway.


Also, if a demon behaves that way towards women, I don’t think he’ll be any kinder to men. That’s just my thoughts.

It can be right, but in some entity’s cases, you can enjoy “privilege” depends on your dominant energies and gender. Some of them shows more interests toward women, for example.


I say that as a matter of principle and person experience.

All I know is I don’t want a woman to be mocked or violated. I choose to leave sitri alone, personally. With more experience this may change, though. But for now, I just don’t intend to call on him. It’s like with people.

Hail Sitri!!! :heartbeat::love_you_gesture:


Sitri is not evil so no why should he. I think if some one of you on the forum dosen’t know get how he realy is then give it time to be revealed from some one that have close conntact with him. I don’t think he want to do harm to women ore men but if some one diservs it then yes why not.


Hi! How do you invoke him using the sigil?

I tried yesterday evening but didn’t work. I drawn a sigil with his enn playing on the background, opened a sigil, called upon him and then slept with the sigil under the pillow. Didn’t seem to work tbh.

@ND1791 do you know if the archangel Haniel (Anael) can also help to create a lustful aura?

I noticed that angels don’t really do stuff like that. Haniel is great for bringing two people together but in an innocent and loving way, he doesn’t really deal with sex and lust from my experience.


Hey there! I use the book “Demons of Magick” by Gordon Winterfield. All the 72 demonic sigils are there and I just use my ipad or even my phone sometimes. Its very safe and easy to use and I always make contact with Sitri when I use this method. The book is pretty cheap as well so it’s totally worth the ten bucks.


So you can even use iPad to open the sigil? Or you still need to draw it every time?

Yepp! You use the same sigil on the screen everytime, you don’t have to draw it out. Theres are a few steps, so I suggest writing all the steps out on a sheet of paper and keeping it handy.

Sorry, sorry sorry, I know this is a stupid question and I ask to go easy way.

But can you let me know just the steps to invoke sitri with the sigil?

I tried yesterday but nothing, although worked before for Amon