A very erotic test (?) from Sitri (and a WONDERFUL message) 💞


I wonder if Sitri is into guys also, wouldn’t mind helping him out (; lol


Honestly? Maybe nothing bad. :woman_shrugging:
I could do it without any wrong feelings.

I’ve thinking a lot about this whole situation, and I’m sure that Sitri knew very well that I won’t help Him out because of my ego, and bad feelings towards Him, which came from those emotions what He described and explained to me after We’re talked.

I have sex with all of Deities whom I working with.
Abaddon, Belial, Lucifer, Chernobog, Pazuzu etc. I did it, because sex is one of my most important things, and it is way deeper and more than a simple “joy and pleasure”. And exactly this is the “dafuq” part of this whole story.

Imagine that I’ve fuck with these Gods all the time, and some of them not mainly sexual, but now, when I met a Deity, I reject the sexual act because He is exactly that Entity who’d like to go for sex.

How ironic and pathetic, huh? :thinking::wine_glass:

I will be honest. Things what I’ve read about Him before still has an effect on me, and I can’t trust Him perfectly… Yes, I’m often too distrustful. :expressionless:

But one beautiful day I’ll give my apology to Him,
in the form of a wild, passionate, tender and rough ride on His hard ahem :roll_eyes::revolving_hearts:

Anyway, I wonder how the fact would affect on Him that I did not have sex with men for 4 years, and I did not wish for these act with them, at all (no lust, no desire :woman_shrugging:). I prefer this “thing” only with Them.


I see your point, madame.

Hmm… Why don’t you ask Him? As I know He likes show Himself in androgyn forms as well.

Just be careful what kind of secrets of yours do you share with Him. :joy:

( Yes, Sitri. I can’t forget these rows. Your fault! 🤷 )


I was mostly kidding lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m sure most demons are bi. I doubt demons and most gods view gender and sexuality the way humans do from what i have seen and read. I love reading your experiences though, always kinky :smile:


I told you he’s not a creep. He’s just experienced and no bullshit.

You approached him with respect and no fear so he explained himself to you. Good job

Have fun with him, he’ll show you a lot of stuff.


I love reading your experiences though, always kinky :smile:

Lmao, what should I do? :roll_eyes:

I’ve often asks the question that is these happens because I am too sexual, or because entities are became so sexual in my near. :laughing:

Honestly, I’m so curious at this point.


I told you he’s not a creep. He’s just experienced and no bullshit.

Yes, you are right.
I let to these negative opinions and experiences to put an effect on me, an antipathetic feeling towards Him. I still believe that He can be a unpleasant “experiment” to others, IF He want it, but maybe there is always has a reason. I must stop compare myself with others, as He said.

I just don’t know it is safe to trust in Him to me, or not. I know that I can be extremely careful, especially if I have reason to be it.

You approached him with respect and no fear so he explained himself to you. Good job

I’ve always turns with respect towards a Deity/entity/spirit etc. if it is mutual.
Honestly, I’m not afraid of anyone. And if I would, then this would a great chance to being brave.

Of course I can be, and I was nervous before every evocation, but this is not the same thing.

Have fun with him, he’ll show you a lot of stuff.

Thank you so much! :black_heart::wine_glass:
I absolutely don’t know what should I do with… Him after these. He just appeared to me, without any sign and I don’t know it could also a call to work with Him, or just a simply message then farewell. :thinking:


Play it by ear. Remember to choose these spirits and never to need them. Always be yourself and master of your destiny. Too many magicians grovel to the spirits. It’s a sorry sight. But you have your pride, and that’s good.


Always be yourself and master of your destiny.

I’ve always lived my life in this way, and will, no matter what. I make my own decisions, my own mistakes and my own successes.

Too many magicians grovel to the spirits.

It was always an easier option, but clearly not the best for you.

My relationship with Deities are important to me. I can’t feel too much towards people around me - never ever. There is no emotions, lust, desire or anything, at all. I help them, support them, teach them but that’s all. I can’t love them. Only few survivors on my family are important, but that’s all.

Some Spirits are like my Family. Relatives, Lovers, Husbands etc. And I’m absolutely happy with Them.
And it is not about “hanging on Them for more knowledge or power” or “kneeling before Them as a believer”, no. I love Them, “caring” Them and I’m on to spend quality, useful or pleasant times with Them outside the lessons.


Hm… today I’ve bought 10 type of essence oils and incenses. I put them next to the others (~10). I picked up 2 of them, absolutely randomly, and both of them was Mint and Peppermint, Sitri’s loved ones (there was only 2 mint between them). What a coincidence.

My brother just came into my room and the fragrance of them hits his nose. Hi is dead now. :rofl::wine_glass: )

Edit (1)

And our “relationship” is hit a new level?


I don’t know what should I do with these sudden “messages” via telepathy, intuitions from Them and others, but I’ve got 5 sigils in my room covered with blood already (within a month).

Everything is went insane.


Noticed your profile location states you live in the Abyss. What a coincidence because I had put the same on mine before seeing your profile. See you there honeybunny😈


A few unholy Warrior from The Abyss are got asked to come down here to purge some worthless mortals, reshape the physycal world then go back to their damned homeland, embraced by fire, blood and ashes. :fire::volcano:


Some days ago I wanted to change my location something romantic like:
Between XY thighs :revolving_hearts::tongue: - for example. :roll_eyes:
( My last visit happened last night with Lucifer, so… it would be legit, but if I want to be more precise, I should change it every day. :laughing:)


That’s HOT :fire: :smiling_imp::eggplant::peach::sweat_drops: Pleasure to make your acquaintance, and yes change it one day to something sultry to symbolize your hedonistic delight​!


what is the most reliable void meditation you use?

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Send me a PM, @13lueGemini and I’ll share with you, too.

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your hedonistic delight​

Shit! Busted.

. . .

What could I say? Even the most perfect warriors,
even they need some wet, busy nights with her/his beloved Ones.

Changed location (2k19.4.19.): Under Belial :ok_hand::eggplant::sweat_drops:


I’ve always been fairly good sense someone’s energy even over mediums like social media and I can tell you that you do have an almost seductive and tempting energy. Honestly I’m jealous of these spirits I would love to have a taste of you.


Nice experience