Is Sitri a creep?

So I’ve been reading in a lot of places that sitri brings lust to a girl but he violates her and doesn’t treat the girl right. He receives the secrets of a girl and mocks and laughs at them. He brings lust in a disturbing way. I’ve read here in the forum and other sources as well. Exactly what does this mean in terms of results that manifest, it really does confuse me when I read about this. I mean how does he mock a women, and what do they mean by violate them?


This isn’t out of fear by the way but I’m very curious

No one knows?

I never heard of that before… I know that some mages that expected women had men come to them instead, but besides that…

It is said he can make women strip nude, but in an embarrassing manner?


I’m still going to work with him :slight_smile: but I just don’t know what to expect it says that he’s a trickster and violates the people the occultist asks to bring back to them. I don’t know what that means tho

From what I have read about prince sitri is that he causes us women to reveal themselves naked and mocks them but I don’t know if that is true or not.


Good mindset.

Goetia luciferian pdf


I’ve never heard of him before but I’m not surprised. It’s not that uncommon for women and some men to be molested or even raped by some entities. And I’m sure he mocks them by giving them negative thoughts about themselves using their secrets against them. Making them feel bad etc.


Oooh… I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions buddy ol’ pal. Usually the goetia description are descriptions given by right hand path followers. Those threatening sitri to work or be tortured.

“Sitri appears in the Black Mirror as a man with a Leopard’s head with large wings. You
may will Sitri to change shape and it does so in the appearance of a beautiful angelick
figure. Sitri is a spirit of Babalon-Lilith, being one who enflameth the love between
individuals – lust and desire. Sitri is very useful in love and lust spells, thus being a
powerful tool for the sorcerer. One may create s succubi/incubi from the shadows of Sitri
in the black mirror, forming them nude in the shape that you find desirable. You may
then bind the spirit to the sigil of Sitri to seek congress with by imagining so later. A very
useful form in working with sexual evocation and dream projection, as to send forth a
spell into the dreams of your chosen or to build into a future act, there are many
possibilities with this Angelic Familiar. Sitri governs 60 Legions of Spirits.”



As i work a lot with Prince Sitri , and that i am a Lady i’ll answer. I think other ladies here know hims as well.

Prince Sitri is pure lust, raw , strong, powerful, violent. He goes into your deepest fantasy, would you be aware of it or not.

he just came in my mind as i write, now i channel:

" tell them that i am vicious and that i can blind them with lust, see how human need light to live, i’ll make them need sex as much as light.I don’t want , i don’t need to treat women badly, they just follow the sexual pleasure easily. i don’t rape them but i am strong and this is misunderstood. i am here for the glory, i am here for the climax i am here for the passion and that’s why you call me forth , you want this powerful energy of orgasm, you wanna feel like a god as the energy rises. those are my words . Prince Sitri. Call me the Great Prince"

this is the first time that i channel live guys! and now i am horny as hell… and i have porn visions … Thanks Prince Sitri.

So i finish what i wanted to say. He is not creepy he is sexual underground. doing extreme sex. but it will always be something that was a deep down fantasy for you. such as domination/ gay sex/ threesome.


also wanted to add, with him sex is definitly powerful with a climax that never stops. masturbating with him ou having sex with someone he embodies you, and it gets like a drug, the climax is not over that you want it again or not to stop but then you get tired…


Strange… I could hear his voice as I read that… Like I was reading it in his voice but didn’t consciously choose to.


It states angelic familiar… Typically the Goetia ends with “and he governs 30 legions of infernal servants” for Prince Sitri it only says “legions of spirits”… So not just infernal beings? What else are in his legions?

i don’t know i have always dealt with him personnally. and i don’t really look up to the definitions. so that my mind is not drawn to something i read inconsciously.


I respect that. Sort of like a blind evocation?

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kind of. but i never made an evocation my entire life i invoke, for me it’s easier, and they have direct access to my mind. and i can have direct chitchat.

when i invoked Prince Amon, i was not expecting to see the egyptian God as i saw him for example. i would have never imagined his clothes , hat and make up the way i saw.
and in the description, he is depicted in some kind of animal so… i stick to my perception.

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Any tip for calling on Prince Sitri? There is his enn: “Lirach Alora Vefa Sitri”, his sigil, but besides that? I have his sigil handy.

repeat the enn endlessly, or at least for several mala beads open his sigil, you 'll feel sexual arousal or you 'll be overwelmed with power depending on what you call for


Yes! This is exactly what he does - the appetite for sex is insatiable and strong! He digs out those deep dark fantasies so you can indulge yourself. He is not malicious at all!:smiling_imp::heartpulse:


I never worked with him but as a Prince I am sure that he alwasy deserves respect; that is without a question.

The comments are not generally positive; yes one reason as given maybe because they are generally written by RHP, and on the other hand even among LHP followers I do see that people do not see his full and refined pure energy within him and ask his helps without understanding his nature; and where sometimes his immense power exceeds the need requested by the case.