Is Sitri a creep?

totally right, some people call him but can’t handle his energy and therfore they see the experiment from the wrong side/ negative point of view.
it’s like playing with fire and you get burned


I don’t know if I should try Sitri or Ladilock for my target

you decide!

Sitri is pretty intense, i would like to add sitri can also teach energy work involving sexual energies. If his teachings are similar to tantra is unknown to me i need to dig more into that field to find out. Sitri can also teach “sexual sovereignty” if asked. My experience with this entity have been interesting so far to say the least. :thinking:

Sitri like some spirits may test you also, in sitri’s case shit tests. Tried to intimidate and frighten me once when i snapped at um “you need to work on your timing!” I posted about this in another thread.


Hey can I ask you some questions about sitri?

I’ve worked with sitri, so you can ask me. ( I’m not one much these days so I might be slow to reply )

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Do you think he’d be able to bring me a girl who would help me learn how to have sex?

Yes, but I’d recommend Zepar. I’ve worked a lot with sex magic and he’s been a perfect fit for me.
Sitri, like Lilith, feels better suited to sexual punishment than gratification.
For future reference, read the central chakra of an entity and work out through the body from there; it’ll give you a decent approximation of their overall personality and approach to magic.


Ok. I assume I will be able to find everything by searching online right?

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Ty so much for the help btw

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Should be able to, yes. If you can’t then drop me message. I can’t guarantee a fast response, but I should get back to you within the week

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Ty so much for this my mans😁

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No problem mate

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is the question answered?

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This is interesting, as Sitri is the only entity I’ve ever tried evoking while naked. I just felt like he would like it if I was naked, I don’t know why. I have no real astral senses so it wasn’t that he told me that’s what he wanted, but i just felt like he’d like it.

However, I didn’t get any sense of being mocked by him.

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I’ve been working with Sitri a lot lately and he’s definitely brought me lust. But I haven’t felt violated or mistreated by him in any way.

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I was going to work with him but I got scared of the type of person he’d bring lo

There’s been nothing wrong with anyone he’s brought me. Other than that some of them started to want a relationship rather than just sex!

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