Is Satan one god, multiple gods or a godlike concept?

In your opinion, is Satan one powerful being who wields divine powers, a being who is the result of a syncreticism between older powers in order to “condemn” them, or a concept/symbol utilized in the LHP? Is he a mask or his own being?

Personally I always equated Satan as Lucifer’s purely adversarial/diobolical side. Not seperate from Lucifer, but powerful enough to operate without other aspects from Lucifer. A mask of Lucifer, you might say.


My current UPG is that, at a level of manifestation before the physical, and above and beyond (behind?) many other spirits, there arose a need for chaos to generate things which had never existed before, to prevent stagnation and collapse.

This collapse would otherwise have arisen because without the chaos, the powerful randomness, the manifest forms and outcomes, which are determined by probability, would have been already-known, seen (and therefore observed, and collapsed) - this chaos may have taken masks or forms, one of which is known as Set.

Set defeats Apep in the lore - Apep being, in that example, the collapse into decay.

That roaring dark storm gave rise to a lucid point of complete isolate awareness, which some call Lucifer.

Another version of this may be Keket, the female black snake of chaos, who gave rise to Kek, her husband, who manifests as the lucid point of consciousness that emerges from chaos (as a frog emerges from the waters).

All of these, Lucifer, Set, Kek and Keket, are “satan” in one sense, adversaries of the “light,” clockwork-like, probablistic force.

A primordial sea, or milk, or animal (wild beasts are chaotic to us) that’s slaughtered by one man or a group with wisdom are found throughout the world’s creation stories.

it also represents the coming-into-awareness of human life, from the maletrom of helplessness, emotion, and frustrations of babyhood, into dawning self-awareness, realistion that the world is Other, and can be manuipulated by us.

That’s my take on it, but I probably left things out. :slight_smile:

Further sources on Kek (since he gets a lot of attentoin round here!):

Kek and Keket in some aspects also represent night and day, and were called “raiser up of the light” and the “raiser up of the night”, respectively.

As a god of the night, Kek was also related to the day - he was called the “bringer-in of the light”. This seems to mean that he was responsible for the time of night that came just before sunrise. The god of the hours before day dawned over the land of Egypt. This was the twilight which gave birth to the sun.


I read a post yesterday and @valkarath explained it so well.

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I always thought Lucifer and Satan were not so much names as titles The light bringer or the adversary.
I like the way Eva described the functions of the currents that hold those titles. But to me those are not names. It’s just like Baal many will summon Baal but Baal is a Title which means Lord and the demon Baal is actually the Cannanite God Hadad, who later was demonized by Hebrews and christians and became Beelzebub. To the Cannanite and Phoenician he was the equivalent of Zeus so when one summons Beelzebub you are actually tapping into the same current as Zeus but with the mask of the ancient Cannanite layered with a secondary mask as a Judeo Christian demon.

I also laugh when I think about this because they couldn’t truly eradicate the old gods they had to instead offer them a place within the religion even if it was as a demon. So in reality nobody actually worships devil’s or Satan but ancient gods and satanists and luciferians are actually pagans practicing in the mystery schools of the ancients. It has an overlay of Judeo Christian demonolatry.


i always thought Baal was Enlil


It could be that those are the same spiritual energies behind those masks for you, Arianna. And it could be different for me. I think that’s part of the beauty of magick for me. It’s very personal.


yes that is true we do experience things differently.


Yes that is correct it’s the same guy and it’s Zeus as in thunder gods lightning bolts and everything.


thats interesting. i never knew that. :kissing_heart:

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The word SATAN means the opposer or the adversary. He’s godlike symbol In my opinion.
But for some theistic Satanist, Satan is one god, who really exists.

I believe all entities (Demonic) are 'Masks" of the adversary.


Satan is known by various names . Shiva by hinduz , Melek Taus by yezidis , Enki by sumerians . Same god but different names as per the region and people .

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I have frequently told of the historic reality of Satan.

Satan first appears in the Judaism as a kind of angel. All good and evil were Yahweh’s domain, he was the accuser of man, but also man’s forgiver.

It wasn’t until the Book of Chronicles, a post-exilic work, was written where Satan suddenly shows up as a proper noun, an actual entity who accuses and opposes Yahweh and mankind. But, what happened?

Well, during the Babylonian Exile, Judaism encountered Zoroastrianism and the two religions syncretized. Judaism did not have a reward/punishment based afterlife. Once you died in Judaism, your dead. But, Zoroastrianism did have such an afterlife and Judaism caught on. Judaism was not monotheistic, they were henotheists, believing in the existence of other gods but choosing to worship only one. But, Zoroastrianism was monotheistic and Judaism caught on.

There are so many beliefs that changed when Judaism met Zoroastrianism in the Babylonian Exile. And this is where Satan comes from. He is just the Jewish mask of the Zoroastrianism deity, Ahriman.

Lucifer has nothing to do with Satan or Judaism in anyway except for a mistranslation of “helel ben Shahar” in the Latin Vulgate translation. Which is supposed to be a nickname for the King of Babylon referring to him as a “shining son of Shahar”. Shahar being the Canaanite God of the Dawn.

Lucifer is a Roman God and is the Roman version of Phosphorus, the Greek God of the Morning Star.