Is satan just a thoughtform?

I have not seen this question asked anywhere on the web.

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Friend. Yes he is, in a way. It will take years for you to connect the dots. I read your other posts. If you want to avoid getting banned, you will need to start listening. Many of us really have seen crazy stuff, so when we give you advice, maybe you should consider taking it. :wink: Especially since to many of us there isn’t anybody else we can talk to about this stuff. We all help each other. If you get your ass banned, who you gonna talk to?

All you need to know right now, is you aren’t going to hell. Nobody is after you. Nobody is going to hold you to a “sell your soul” deal. Don’t worry about anything. Can you make deals with entities? Of course. Did you make a deal? Not quite. It takes more than what you did.

If your mind is playing tricks on you and not letting you sleep, it is because you are paranoid and worried. Don’t fear the imagery, see what is playing out in your head and let it fade out naturally.

There is nothing to worry about. You aren’t necessarily a bad person and your soul is right where you left it. You need to be careful about worrying too much about this shit or you may trigger some mental issues.

Lots of humanity’s problems are caused by thoughtforms, or drives that are caused by brainwashing. Meditation, reflection and a bit of grace (listening and empathy) go a long way towards helping you see some truths.


^ This is great advice.

I have a question for you - if you were to describe to us on here, or to anyone else, what a typical day looks like for you, would you feel good about doing that, or like you have things in your life that are out of balance?

Do you get enough movement in, walking or something at least if not actual “exercise,” and do you eat right, sleep right, drink water or at least herbal teas?

If a “normal” person lived like you did for a while, would it start making them feel unhappy and unhealthy?

You don’t have to answer to me, or answer publicly at all, I’m not trying to call you out, just making the point that if your lifestyle’s not at least moderately healthy, you’re going to find your mental stability slips, with repetitive thoughts and hang-ups arising naturally, like mist off a swamp - trust me, been there and done that!

@goldcoins I’m addressing this to you as well by the way, I don’t know if you’ve been reading the OPs other posts but you seem to have some things in common here, maybe you could team up and support each other a bit?


Everything is a thoughtform. Many subscribe to this thought and it’s opposite. It sort of depends on who you ask.


It boils down to personal philosophy. But I feel that both the OP (@787400xps) and @goldcoins can benifit from reading @C.Kendall post My punishment in hell (i think that’s how i link a post, it’s early here and tech abilities is directly proportional to caffeine intake) which honestly seems like an act of synchronicity with these two particular topics popping up in such a short span of time.

you will be tested, it will seem like the worse nightmare you ever had and that everything is falling apart around you, but rise up to the challenge and the rewards speak for themselves.


Everything is “just” a thought-form. We perceive energy and then shape it to our knowledge with our senses, subconsciously. The phone I’m holding to type this is a combination of metallic energy, electronic energy, petroleum energy shields and what my sight and touch tell me about it. It’s a meterial and dualistic manifestation of energy.

To my understanding, Satan is the energy of the adversary, the world soul or Kami, the Spark of carnal life, the Light touched by Shadow, and more. He is the angel of suffering, the ruler of torment, and the whisper of desire, but his energy will fill your being with purpose and power. Everything Satan is, is flesh and blood, the greens and blues of the Earth. So his thought-form is the collective one of Life itself. To come to Satan is to come to the suffering of life in order to live better. This is however just my understanding of Satan.