My punishment in hell

Okay so I was sleeping one night and I went from a light sleep into a half awake state.

Then I decided to leave my body, but I did not know why, all of a sudden this whisper calls me down stairs.

So I followed it being curious, I went down stairs and there was a basement but bare in mind I don’t actually have a basement in my house.

So I entered the basement then the door closes behind me, then all of a sudden my magick circle was there, the inverted pentagram was on fire.

I stood in the middle being pulled towards it, the circle then crumbles and drops beneath me, I was falling and falling for a long ass time.

I landed on a ancient ground, I could tell this place was hell, I looked around me and I couldn’t see anything then all of a sudden azazel popped out of no where and smiles.

I demanded to know why I have been brought here, I tried to even leave I felt very strange. I couldn’t leave at all.

He looks at me and says

" welcome to hell, you have been brought here to be punished and hurt ".

I was shocked the demon I have worked with so much brought me here to hurt me why ?.

I went through a torture, both mental and actual painful, seeing love ones taken from me in forms of visions, my loved ones dying, etc.

I was attached to chains, pulling my skin, dangling over a abyss, heat scorching me, chains digging into me, as if I was in a physical body.

I screamed in anger, pain and misery, I started even laughing telling the demon to keep trying, to push me further and to try harder.

This was a state of insanity I was in, which kicked in due to the trauma I was experiencing, I shouldn’t of asked for more, because that’s what he gave me.

More pain, past memories I hid from, mistakes I made, demonic beings taunting me, ripping my astral flesh, causing me agony.

Heat beneath me increasing, my energy was even being drained, no matter how much I pleaded or begged he didn’t stop.

He kept on I even began screaming at him,
" I demand you realise me of your grasp ".

The torture and taunting increased and so did the pain, never have I felt such spiritual pain.

Then I entered a state of drained of emotion, I even began getting used to the pain.

I was dropped on to the spiritual lake of fire, the pain began to increase again, then I rose and began to collapse on the old blood stained ground.

My will was broken, mind and body was also broken, I stumbled and used all I could to rise to my feet.

I wandered a dark labyrinth, falling down giving up, serpents began entering me, causing me more pain.

Giving me visions of my future, I was alone, no house, no money, no friends and all family dead, I was back on drugs and addicted once again.

I forced the serpents out of me, I was in front of a throne, where a huge statue of me, sat there it crumbled and azazel said

" your power is taken from you, you’re legions turn against you, you become a spec that we laugh at ".

I got angry, then I jumped back into the lake of fire, I allowed all I was to burn and gave in.

Then rose once again, I stormed to the throne room, and demanded azazel to show himself.

He appeared, I spoke as my most powerful self, I said.

" I am emperor here in my kingdom, I demand all to hear me, I am no longer who I was, I am reborn ".

I expanded my spiritual body across all of hell, attracting all demons and beings and forces to enter me.

Out of know where I said

" I am Lux ".

I then released a huge critical mass of light and power, it emanated out of me.

Then azazel looked at me and said

" you passed your punishment, and you’re test, now emperor take you’re throne ".

I sat upon my throne and stated all the mistakes I made and that I am going to fix it all.

I then woke up, then I realised it was all a test and I evoked azazel and he revealed to me this.

" that hell you entered is the hell of your psyche, you’re inner torture chamber, I made you confront all that keeps you from ascending, I gave you torture and visions that were false to strip you of you’re ego, now you have risen as the true devil and god to take back you’re throne ".

I laughed and said

" so hell is a place of self torture ".

Then a day later I watched my favourite TV series Lucifer, in this episode.

The character playing lucifer says

" You send you’re self to hell, you torture yourselves, you don’t even know the doors are unlocked and you can leave when ever you want ".

I was taken back and shocked what a synchronisity, crazy experience.

I had to share this with you all.

Yours Sincerely

Conner Kendall.


I remember this scene.

Awesome experience. Even though it sounds terrifying, it makes me salivate at the idea of surviving and rising stronger through something like that.

Good work.


Thanks brother means a lot.

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That’s a major synchronicity for me.

That was an awesome powerful wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing your experience. Congratulations on assuming your place of power.

What a great and profound experience to have, and recounted with such clarity! Very well described. Thank you for sharing this with us, it makes total sense.
There is such power within this experience, just reading it helps eradicate fear.

I have also seen a similar view of ‘hell’, weapons and torturous items of every description, the concentration of pure pain of so many souls. I can still remember the screams.
It is liberating to realise that these dimensions and experiences hold great transformative power.
Who better to supplement our growth but our tormentors?
How did you feel when you came out of this state and woke up physically?


This testimony is horrifically amazing. It’s different from those christian testimonies that mention about hell and their tormented experiences that they themselves seem to misunderstand what’s really going on around them. It seems these past souls that are in hell took themselves there and they don’t want to escape from either out of confusion or they like to get tormented and not rise to be ascended? This is how I’m picturing it. Correct me if I’m wrong.
So the only way to ascend is to go through your own hell?


That is a good point. It is only in recent months that I am starting to see/conceptualise this
An apt quote by Carl Jung springs to mind -
“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless it’s roots reach down to hell”

It also brings to mind a flaw in the spiritual communities that I was previously a part of. I notice that in alot of these spiritual development circles, the participants cling to the light. Anything remotely dark is deemed dangerous and to be avoided at all costs. I started to see the teaching as very one-dimensional.

What you said about the Christian testimonies is interesting. With people who practise monotheistic religion, these experiences of hell inspire an even greater fear and suffering because of their indoctrination… they seem to be more afraid to sway away from their religion.
My mind is buzzing with questions about all this, it is really interesting.


Now that. Was. Badass.
Awesome. I could actually picture The Ancient ground part lol.
I swear i had chills from reading that. Talk about a wake up call


Aha thanks dude and yeah it was very intense but at the end of it all I found it very liberating.


I just saw this after a post of mine, and now I am thinking, wow this is strange Azazel is pulling people places…WTF.


damn son…i was cringing the whole way through that description


Bravo . Bra Fucking vo . The best post I have read in a long time (maybe ever ).

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Now this was inspiring, thanks for sharing!


This brings to mind some lyrics off a drum and bass chillout tune i think the words came from the film jacobs ladder so here goes…

*The only thing that burns in hell is the part of you that wont let go of life, your memories, your attachments they burn them all away but theyre not punishing you he said they’re freeing your soul !"

Perhaps not quite the same per se but close

Thanks for sharing this C.Kendall profound beyond words


I have experienced something similar to this, but I can’t get into details as of this moment.

If I may ask, why did Azazel do it? I understand he wanted to transform you, but there are many ways to go about that. Why did he desire to do it in such a way?

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Congrats!! Emperor, for passing your test!! btw I watch Lucifer too, It is one of my fave shows and it’s very deep if you pay attention!!

This post answers many of the questions I had these days. Thank you for sharing. It must have been terrible, but only the strong ones can defeat themselves.