Is Santa Muerte’s energy normally Hot?

So I started working with Santa Muerte in her purple aspect, technically a couple weeks ago. Everything seemed cool when I first consulted her. I’m low on cash so I started by just burning a candle for her. I haven’t contacted in a week. I had an issue come up that messed with my bag $$$. I contacted her again today and asked if she was angry with me. I got an unclear answer. I asked her if she wanted to be housed in a skull that I’ve had for forever. I got a beautiful “yes” feeling. I got the idea to add a purple design on top. Then I called on Santa Muerte to empower the skull as her home in my home to come and go as she pleased. BOOOOOOOOOOOY was her energy hot!!! Is this normal or is she angry or something, lol? I don’t want to have angry spirits in my home. The only thing I could think of is maybe she felt left out when I reset up my other altars (had to have management come in over an apartment issue so I took my altars down). Maybe she felt left out? Just typing this I feel better. I hear she ain’t one to play with or forget.

Also what’s a good, simple guide for maintaining a space for her. I said the prayer to St Cyprian and St Michael but I still felt her heat lodged in my body until now (45 min later).

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Any body want to weigh in?

Santa Muerte has 3 main aspects, or robes as we call them. She has a white robe, a black robe, and a red robe. There are other coloured robes associated with her, like green, purple, etc, but they are minor and aren’t considered to be traditional.

I do know that her red robe is hot. Hot temper, hot and fast action, and hot energy. I don’t usually work with the red robe, but yep, she’s quick to anger - so be careful. Can’t say for the purple robe, I’ve never worked with it.

She won’t have felt left out for that sort of thing. I find that on occasion she will demand answers from me, but once a situation has been explained, she usually calms down. So yes she can get rather irate, but she is quick to cool down and forgive once she has been given a truthful answer/explanation. If you let her down, and break a promise, she will cause you problems. She did that to me once, but when I told her I broke that promise because I genuinely was exhausted, she forgave me. I also set some ground rules and told her she doesn’t have to create problems if she’s not happy. She can just talk to me and we’ll work it out. And that’s what she does with me now. She’s fabulous, really. I miss her when I have to take a hiatus.


Thank you!!! Interestingly I have been doing a lot of things right without knowing the protocol but this was wonderful and confirming. Thank you.


Awesome! You’ll be fine. :slight_smile:


I have a deep link to Santa Muerte I can’t explain really why but this is something that I feel since very longtime. I’m used to work only with the black aspect as I feel that she has all the color into this aspect and when I need her help I dress a special candle with proper color/oil etc, also I do offerings ( candle, rom, tequila, flowers or dry flowers, coffee, candies etc). The energy can be very peaceful or very hot, I have felt also some electric sensation into head, heart and hands. It is very important to consecrate the statue first or to get one already empowered, I use something inspired from several source to make my own consecration during 9 days like a novena.