Is Orgonite real, in the sense that it puts off good energy?

I saw this thing on crystal grids, I wondered if an orgonite stone would be helpful in this.
Is the crystal grid, orgonite stuff New Age nonsense to promote products and sell books, or is there something to it.

If it will help me I am willing to invest, if it won’t help me, I think I would rather pass.
I am even thinking about an orgonite generator, they have a 1000 model for about 360 bucks.and they have a JU 99 for about half of that.

I only read a couple of threads on it here at BALG, which tends to make me think it may be more hype than substance. If it works wouldn’t everyone get one. A few hundred bucks to amp up your magick is a good deal.

I think it’s going to be like any talisman - it’s magik depends on the operator.

Most originate seems to be made from blind faith, which has some intention to seed the object with, but you will need to lift it the rest of the way so it’s fully enchanted.

I like enchanted talismans as vessels, and if it has a crystal, I do like to match the crystal’s energy to the being. But I pick objects that are attractive to me and/or the being.

By itself, orgonite is nothing but chips and scrap metal in a resin casting. So if you think a peice is very attractive or you get a message that a particular entity you work with would like to work with that piece with you as well, then why not?

Otherwise for me it’s a pass.

The thing about them blocking emf makes no sense - that is like saying holding a crystal can stop you getting wet in the rain. That’s some elite-level de-manifestation there that I can’t see happening with orgonite or any crystal tbh.

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The orgonite is an orgone conductor and the orgone generator is generating. What will this things do then? Well orgonite will draw energy and store it. The energy it works up on has many names chi prani qi life force and so on.

So say you have an orgonite you can have it in the sun all day and it will charge of some life energy from the sun. The orgonite will then have stored life force. When you pick it up your life force will be mutch more strong then the sorce of the orgonite so the orgonite will start release its own stored energy to you.

The orgone generator will not conduct energy this way it will generate life force the out put tube and even the hole device will emit life force chi energy.

This energy can be used to charge your self purify water and manifest things if the one using it have the right manifestation skills and faith.

You can even use radionics with this energy like computer programs for endless operations with chi generator strength as an out put for manifestation energy sorce.

I think this tools is great.

I know a recipe that will work just fine if you are intrested. For some simpme orgonite you can make your self. Just ask.

I remember when Orgonite was such a big hype lol. In my opinion it’s you charging it because you believe it will work, a placebo of sorts.

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OK, so it sounds like if I think it will work it will be helpful, but if I don’t think it works it won’t.
I was thinking in terms of generating positive energy for manifesting or just making my area more entity friendly.
I was also thinking in terms of the orgone generator, not so much the chunks of resin and stuff they have.
(I have some of those and I can’t tell if they are doing anything or not, of course I am new so unless energy bites me I may not know it is there at all)

Don’t buy into the orgonite hype. It has almost no bases in Wilhelm Reichs original work. The internet is so saturated with new age bullshit on orgone energy that it’s best to take your info directly from Reichs work and his direct students.