Is not my bed a powerful altar for seeking my path?

The title mostly embodies the entirety of the question. It’s an afterthought that came to me when beginning my dialogues associated purely with asking "Where is my altar, what do I desire, what do all desire? Desire secondary to any malevolence, we’re all equals within this question and our given answers. The altar is my most reflected personality within the voice I speak to reason, past, present and future.

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I understand the jerk of the knee to your voice. The question is calculated for this very reason and is based in purposeful ignorance. It’s a good question, especially for the majority, who tend to jump in to a deep end in order to learn how to swim. My words are and mostly will be laden w/ metaphor and purposeful simplicity that SHOULD drive honest and complex answers.

But that was somewhat my knee jerking to giving answer to my own question :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: