Is Mind compulsion possible?

I have always loved the idea of compulsion-when you literaly compel someone to do something and they do it… There’s endless possibilities of things a weilder of such abilities can do… And I was wondering if there are any people on here that can do such feats where you literaly just look someone in the eye and tell them what to do and it makes them do it-even if it means killing them etc etc the possibilities are countless! What sort of magic would such powers require? And has there been any mind compulsion individuals in the past with such capabilities? Thas my question!


Yes, its possible.

No, you would not be able to compel someone to kill themselves. Not even the greatest hypnotists can accomplish that feat because it goes against one of the strongest instincts in every being.


OK but what sort of mind compulsions are possible? And what type of practices are required to master mind compulsion? You just made me Hella more curious

it is a very wide subject.

A compulsion is an irresistible urge to do something and it is very difficult to induce that in someone against their will, especially if it is something they would not normally do. For a compulsion to work, your will would have to be stronger than theirs.

It is far easier to manipulate people into thinking it was all their idea to begin with.

Work with spirits like King Paimon, Dantalion, and Paralda, to learn about manipulating the mind.


Sometimes that means keeping the pressure on for whatever length of time is necessary. Some nuts are tougher to crack than others.


You can’t make a woman take off her clothes and have sex with you either. I did see a video on Youtube where a hypnotist made a clothed woman think that she was nude. And, one where a woman took her clothes off (she was still wearing her bikini) and laid down on a pool table thinking it was a tanning booth.

Now, there is a hypnotist on Youtube that gives women intense orgasms without touching them.

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Actually, you can make a woman do that, if she is willing. It is well known that hypnotism cannot make someone do something against their will, because they can always override the suggestion. However, many people have hidden desires they may consciously suppress, and a hypnotist can bring those out if he’s knowledgeable.

Exactly. The hypnotist was not making her act against her will. He implanted a suggestion into her mind that she was at a tanning booth so she was acting naturally.

What the OP was asking about was mental compulsion, which is forcing someone to do something against their will. i think he was thinking something along the lines of Professor X or Jean Grey, who can force images and commands into someone’s mind.

Hypnotism does not work in a compulsive way, but in a suggestive, passive way. That why they are called hypnotic suggestions, not commands. A command would cause resistance, whereas a suggestion does not. A suggestion gives the impression of a choice.


So if let’s say I like someone and would like them like me back but they have bad history with me, if it is against there will… It is impossible because they can overide the thought of liking me?

You would not be able to compel them to “like you,” no.

For one thing, a compulsion cannot create emotion. So even if you were successful in forcing the thought, “You now like krush_666, regardless of your history with him,” into her head, it would not cause her to develop feelings for you.

Remember, compulsion is force, and you cannot force emotion on someone.


Damn bro Im getting ur point now… So let’s say josh likes chocolate, I can compel him to want to eat chocolate and he would do so?

No, you cannot compel him. Like I have already said, compulsion is force and people will naturally push back against any attempt to force them to do something. Regardless of if they are an occult practitioner or not, almost all humans have built in defenses that will alert them to any kind of outside force trying to affect their mind, and their mind will fight back even if they don’t know the enemy.

What you can do is implant a suggestion so that Josh decides to get some chocolate for himself. That is how hypnosis works: a person is placed into an altered state that makes them more suggestible and an idea is implanted in the mind. They then act upon that idea, thinking the idea came from themselves. Doing it in such a way circumvents the defenses and any need for the mind to fight back.

So you would implant the idea for chocolate in Josh’s mind, and after a bit of time, Josh will think to himself, “Hmm…I should get some chocolate.”


Wow very interesting knowledge you shared with me thank you very much man. Means alot I appreciate ur help and I will try contact the spirits you listed to get more knowledge thank you once again! :blush:

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You’re welcome. I’m glad you found it helpful. :slight_smile:

Compulsions are possible but they take repetition in order to bludgeon the mind into acceptance. That is what early brainwashing techniques consisted of. You have to hit the mind with a hammer over and over again in order to get it to accept the compulsion. It’s not a one and done kind of thing, like most hypnosis suggestions are.


Okay bro thank you very much!I’m actually quite new to magick but with the help of this website’s great people iv learnt alot about this stuff (I did my first evocation literaly 1 hour ago) and this is All very interesting! I get what you mean now! Thank you very much once again :slight_smile: :heart:


Ipos and Orias can help you strengthen your own mind and will. Orias can also manipulate anothers.

Nice, how did it go?


I evocated Belial, draw his sigil mediated and tried to contact him, I asked him to help me get to my fullest magick potential I then felt as it I was weightless being traveled to some place lmao, then after some time I got into real consciousness. I think did a good job hail Belial! :heart:The person who told me to contact him was someone who said that she senses beliel wanted to meet me so that makes me curious haha


He does do that. I’ve had him mention things like that before. He’s big on having a person overcome fear and call him first.


Yes, i can project myself unto any human being even if i don’t look that human being in the eye, and influence him/her. Is very easy to do this with those mind-driven people and dormant.

But to really induce a hypnosis like trance in another human being, requires self-sabotage and magick. What i mean by self inflicting acts are certain blockages you do to yourself in the chakra system to project only a certain definition of reality unto the cortex of the victim so you can manipulate to a such degree as mind control hypnosis we see on TV.

And yes, magick is dangerous in the hands of an awakened master.

Arhhh nice… And how would you open those hidden blockages? Is it just regular meditating or some different techniques of it?

Magical spells are blockages in certain patterns. But for the advanced it can be done without the Mind intermediate. So one can cast spells without using the mind basically.

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