Is magick real or you guys larping?

Hello. I see this is a decently older thread and there are some great comments regarding your inquiry. I am new here, but not new to magic or dealing with “spirits”. I am NOT a LARP’er. I was plagued by spirit visitations as a child and my mother always told me they were demons. Without going into depth of my life, I grew up with an aversion to dealing with any kind of spirit, thus my path has focused on energy work, thought forms and mental magic. I found I also had a natural propensity to impact my environment without spells or requests of spirit intervention.

What I am getting at is maybe diving straight into evocation, or invocation, of spirit entities is not the way to start for you. One consensus of over the years is the need for and use of energy. Try a Chaos magic book, particularly one that focuses on practical application of energy. Build your energy capabilities and astral awareness. Take up and engage in an initiatory path first, such as Asenath Masons “Draconic Ritual Book”, excellent for a neophyte who has some LHP knowledge. Whatever path you take though, it will take time and effort.

Even with my natural ability and spirit sensitivity, it has taken time, study and practice, practice, practice. Natural born athletes still need to practice and engage in their art to hone and keep their skills sharp. Just as they have physical muscle memory to perform, we can build mental and spiritual muscle memory. Certain actions performed for a consistently long enough period will become second hand. Until then, however, you must put in the time, study and commitment to perform, even when not successful. The magical arte is not an easy path and honestly it is not for everyone; nor is everyone capable of performing it let alone mastering it.

Take into consideration the good advice here and be discriminating in your consideration of it as well; not all of it is helpful. Find an initiatory path and a mentor. Above all, persevere. May the fates be with you… :mage:


Larping. There’s nothing here. It’s like a confidence trick at best, and a gargantuan waste of time and money at worse for I personally. There is no proficiency in any of this…or nothing to be proficient at for me (whom i can only speak for) …It’s all imagination…or if there is a real way to quantum hack reality to cause a synchonicty that coincides with my personal agenda, I have failed to find it…

Its ritualistic to do rituals, but they yeild no result…The lights i see when evoking or conjuring entities are a sort of self induced psychosis in which my imagination creates these things from out of the subconscious. The euphoria is fake…

This realm is a dead husk…no such thing as magick can be worked by i, or all of my centers are so broken as for it to be impossible. I can create and share systems for sigil generation, creating mantras, but there is no proficiency here…over 10 years of wishful thinking, and the realization that were I capable, there would be no human but i left upon earth is enough for me to hang this all up and dismantle, everything i created thus far…Im calling it quits. If i need something done I will hire one who is proficient…My energy is stagnant dead…I apologize for bullshitting…

Magic is very real. I’ve accomplished things over the last few years that I still think are impossible. I’m happier, healthier, even taller.

The very first thing you need to learn how to do is to get your headspace into that state where you can imprint your intention onto the void of manifestation. Lots of people call this head space gnosis and there are nearly limitless ways to get to it. Orgasm is a popular one. Pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion physically, mentally, and emotionally is another. I tend to use the meditation route. This is something simple; but it isn’t easy. It could take weeks or even months to get it down. You’re trying to get yourself into a state that cannot be described and that you will have no idea what it feels like until you get there. I promise you, it’s worth it though. The benefits of being able to do it are by themselves worth the effort, even if this is all bullshit that doesn’t work. Even modern science shows us this.

The second thing you need to do is to learn how to do basic practical enchantment. I like the sigil method for this. Just look up “chaos magic sigil” and go with it. Start small. Pick an intention that has no real emotional significance to you. I like, “I will see a woman wearing red shoes.” Experiment with methods until you find one that works for you. This will be a big moment. It will feel like “Oh my god! This works!?!?” Hold onto that feeling. That feeling of calm confidence where you feel like you could do anything if the key to getting magic to really work when it matters.

Now, scale up. Conjure a small amount of cash. A conversation with a potential partner. A good day at work. Just aim higher as your confidence grows. While you’re doing this, read some books. Get a variety of perspectives. Start incorporating things from them into your practice. Try new things. Keep growing. Not too fast. Not too slow. You’ll get there. This isn’t a race.

Eventually, you’ll bump into something that will either make you walk away and never come back or show you the first step on your real path. Either way: Good luck!


I went from a broke high school student top a top graduate in philosophy. I fixed many of my internal personality flaws, paid my debts. I am happy, moreso I am fulfilled. I don’t think I’ll ever justify magic, but it has helped me. “god” saved me not, I saved myself when I uncovered the kingdom of god within.


I’ll bite. How did you do it?

Let’s be honest: it will be months. At best.

100% agree.

I honestly have no idea. I was screwing around with glamour magic to feel better about how I look and it just kind of happened. I added 2”. Kind of on the high end of normal height variation between morning and afternoon but this was afternoon. I’m in my 40s to boot. My Doctor even noticed it. He thought it was just a mistake in my record and I let him keep thinking that.

What makes it really weird is that I was already 6’ tall. My height was the one thing I didn’t feel bad about. I didn’t ask to be taller.

That’s about 7 centimeters, right?

More of what you already had… interesting.

Thanks for the answer, but please, tell me more about the glamour you used.

True that

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These days I’m repeating “I leave impotence behind me” (either read here or heard it from E.A.), “I’m blessed”, “I’m lucky”… Convincing myself that I want this and I’m able to; even in case I was scared of change, it would be a matter of duty and not of will, but the basic concept is the same.
I also imagine each chakra as a radiant sun, in conclusion sometimes it may be needed to remove blocks or doubts about having them, then one may resume focusing on rituals, training etc.

About 5 cm. That brings me to ~188 cm.

It was pretty simple stuff, really. I visualized the body I wanted to have and created it as a kind of energetic body and then stepped into it. Wore it like a suit of armor almost. The key was seeing it as if that was the “real” me and that my physical body just hadn’t caught up yet. I also lost weight and gained muscle mass without really consciously changing anything about my routine. My chronic pain got a lot better as well.

It was weird for a little while. It was like people, especially people of the opposite sex were attracted to me but didn’t understand quite why. I caught women “checking me out” from time to time and it was almost like they were seeing the projected image at some level that they weren’t consciously aware of.

Still no hair or abs though, lol. If I knew that secret, I’d be selling it.


How long did it take? Did you visualize constantly?

6 months? It was slow enough to not notice it.

And, continually? Probably not. I did reinforce it quite a bit though. Made it a part of my daily practice for probably a month. 30-days is about the length of time it takes to really change a pattern, I find.

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Where are you sourcing your spells? Because if they are all from the same source and they’re not working then that could be the problem right there. Otherwise magick takes time and avenues to work. Also a red flag is that you mentioned love spells. Those kind of spells can destroy a person especially if casted by a novice. I suggest you go to cold hard proven grimoures. Or follow an aclaimed occlutist’s work. I’m talking E.A Koetting, Asanath Mason, Taylor Ellwood, Orleen Stewart. Or even go back further Alister Crowley and the like.

Magic is a skillset. It takes time to work properly and learn how to work properly. Not every spell you find via google is gona work and so on.
Magick doesn’t just happen over night. If your so skeptical try the original alciamed stuff. The grand grimwah the keys of solomon. We’re far from larpers. But unlike you and I’m trying to be polite when I say this, we know what we’re doing. So learn the trade then once you know what your doing you should be able to figure out why what your doing has failed up until this point.

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Late to the party, but imagine saying that in a church, synagogue or a mosque. Is Christianity real or you guys LARPing?

While I don’t equate magic to a religion I’m sure there are some people who do and it does have certain theological elements such as communicating with the divine/infernal.

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They say its larping if u arent doing magick, but on the forum roleplaying…What i will say is I am trying magick, and so far im a little bit…unhappy or dissatisfied. In the past I could see and hear spirits…cant anymore…fucked something up.

What I have surmised is real is - If I call an entity as a witness to my ritual, I get a presence. Very subtle.

Asking entities for things work…

Where things are not going well.- writting spells. It seems like I would be eternally adolescent to ask the spirits for everything…or something intuitive feels off about not learning from them how to do what they do…and thats where I have to question if this is all bs or not…

I do rituals everytday, often times not even knowing why i am doing such, just that something compells me to do such and such…There have been points in the past where I have created and casted spells that worked and my jaw hit the floor or i sought to find a rational explanation…

Feels like Im missing something…I am a creature of fear and structure, so rituals that do not yield synchronicities congruent to my conscious wants are quite common…Wouldn’t call it an obsessive compulsion as it doesn’t fit the DSM definition of a compulsion…but the sense is there exists a secret beyond evoking things or summoning things for those very synchronicities one wants…I use the term synchronicity because
1- synchronicities are acausal
2- we cant prove causality in magick or sorcery due to the fact that science has nothing to truly measure by which to confirm such a causal factor
3- using change as the defining factor seems absurd in that change IS A CONSTANT IN THE UNIVERSE…in other words, whether u do anything or not, change will occur…i mean fuck, were in an expanding universe…according to most theories accepted in modern science ( no i am no scientist, i do respect it immensely though) . And a change in accordance with will can be getting out of bed and taking a piss (Although i intuit there being a deliberate reason Crowley used the words he did to define it, such as a riddle perhaps meant to cause us to gaze deeper into the self) …

I am so far convinced only that spirits are real…but its dissatisfying using entities to do everything…even when the results and session go well. I WANT TO BE ABLE TO DO IT AS WELL…exactly what the spirits do in my own way…

Internal alchemy works for some, but then such can also be called Psychology???(which isn’t a science)

Evocation is real, but sigil magick , candle magick, and anything not relying on spirits…i don’t think those things are real or work for me…and it’s bothersome…Maybe im too newb …ppl talk about energy, but there is energy literally every where…Why would I need to add any more energy to a soup of electromagnetic radiations bombarding us 24/7/ 365???

If its not real, then I have a hole in my soul i will never fill…I know its real, but its REALLY ANNOYING NOT being good at it…And thats where some random avatar types “git gud” or some annoying shit…

I feel like the real real hard hitting shit is kept secret maybe… Evoking a demon deliviers some really fast hard results, but it seems like its the only thing that does…So it feels like it should be defined as petitioning entities for aide…Im missing something and it has me bitter as fuck…

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I never knew about magic until the last year when I performed an angry Google search - seeking ideas for revenge - and I accidentally found this website. All you have to do is read it for a while to figure out its real…

I don’t think my life will ever be the same…

Magic is more real many other things I’ve believed in over my life span…