Is Lucifer omnipresent?

What about Archangel Michael and Raphael? Are they omnipresent?


Yes, and remember that every time you masturbate


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I used to think not. But a family member is a medium and every time I see him he says he sees him clearly. If I begin to doubt it’s not unlike him to divulge a personal detail to let me know he’s not playing around.

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They might spy on or hang around particular people a lot but nothing is everywhere all at once all the time.


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Lucifer actually hangs out with me as a fly a lot throughout my day.


I feel ya. There’s a certain Entity that enjoys letting me know that he can and does read my mind.


Soultravel or out of body experiences can help you find out…; or even just in-body meditation, ritual,…

Maybe I can give you some experience based info on it )
crucial to know is that they are not randomly roaming entities though (archangels)-
they are an integral part of the architecture of the God-Mind, part of the fabric that we are multidimensionally made of, like atoms and molecules are. They, are rather than a someone, a something. ‘The angelic architect’ encompasses all of 3D - (and the seeming duality of 4D in the positive and negative polarities- it is all one) we ourselves are angelic as well, though we have individualized expressions as angels,these angelic aspects are made of one type of fabric you could say that is that layer. Just like the source is omnipresent in every atom and as an omnipresent field.
The only thing that is seemingly divided are our biological bodies and form, visually (though all resides in fields of oneness, from the source, to the angelic to any layer of existence, is the 3D layer and all therein. You can access any being in existence from anywhere in the cosmos, because of the fact that all is one. Everything resides within and is part of the source.
In fact all life is also ultimately but one being that experiences itself in many many forms.

Also we have 142 layers of energetic DNA that are all related to fields, all the way up to the source.
our biological 2 dna strands are also thus seemingly separate from all things-yet it is still within the field of oneness.

Telepathy also works because of the field of oneness.
All beings reside on one or more fields of existence all present in the here and now on different vibrations an frequencies) -

All beings are interlinked and related to one another, as all is one, also when it comes to subjective, personal interactions that seem ‘random’ like on the streets, or on the strictly subtle levels)

Beings that are higher in vibration always have the overview of everything that happens in lower vibrational realms the way they relate to things is also generally of a broader sense of perspective than any form of judgement or condemnation such as would happen from a mentally separate perspective. There are beings for everything though…; They admire you, they know with what difficulties things come here and also the real 'why’s…so that’s why they’re not easy to judge nor to condemn- they just want to be supportive- and they wish for you to realize your true nature and are always willing to assist-in general. They are here for partnership in your ascent. :slight_smile:


:smiley: oh telepathy is the general way to go in the more subtle layers. :slight_smile:

Lucifer is a primordial so i’d say yes.
Between a conversation I had with Lucifer he explained that even “imagining”, that you are speaking to him without evoking him or calling him directly he is aware of you and what you are thinking.


I already know who it is, I am simply keeping the name to myself.

But thank you.

Lucifer is omnipresent as well, present everywhere at the same time… :slight_smile:
Cosmically, - when transcended also, you do meet the cosmic “I” or the cosmic father.
Thus then you realize that he is an expression within the oneness of all, and that nothing is outside of the parameters of the Alpha/I/cosmic Father and the Omega/Am/Mother and that everything in the cosmos happens within their cosmic presence. The I AM-presence forms the source of all, and is the true Self of any lifeform. It is the part of yourself that already is a cosmic master, is ever, ultimately omnipresent - has all power, wisdom, intelligence, love, knowledge, expressed in many forms such as Lucifer-All life serves the source in one modus or another - it is the part of you that , in reality already is in control of all from a self-empowerment perspective.

I AM Lucifer would be as
I AM Raphael
I AM Michael
or I AM the Cosmos (in oneness and equality with all life)
You ultimately are all that is, no more, yet no less. So you as Self are omnipresent as well. :slight_smile:

Though you have your own unique Angelic and Archangelic relation as a soul,
(mine is Raphael, on the Angelic layer, as a soul, subjectively, yet collectively or objectively, you are/I am as much anything else, from the perspective of the Source of Self.
We thus all share the same Self. This is where Oneness starts. :slight_smile: in terms of construction.


No worries, they in fact ‘are’ us as well.and they look at it from a rather less judgemental perspective to it. They know about sex in general, so…no biggy :wink:

They co-create this experience field at all times so… :slight_smile:
They’d love us to lose our needless shame around sexuality too. :slight_smile:


All spirits are omnipresent until they are called down to manifest before someone.


Yes I imagine speaking with my lord Lucifer all the time.Iam happy he is aware and listening. Hail Lucifer😊

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I think he is omnipresent but because of the limitation and the ego of the human mind we think he is only here for us when he appears.

But as humans we also limit ourselves because we dont realize the power of thought and imagination. That a stray thought could evoke a spirit.

For example I have some money trouble and I thought to myself I was busy and do an offering to Belial the next day. Belial said something like oh thats nice but I already took care of it. And my husband got an interview today where if he gets the job he can make $5/hr more that he is making now.


Paranoia lvls are rising as I read this thread.

Thanks everyone :neutral_face::upside_down_face::scream_cat::slightly_smiling_face:


That’s really nice. When I meditate and try to talk to my spirits or Lucifer I always here my own voice. And when I ask questions that I don’t know, then I don’t get an answer back. I always think i’m talking against myself.

The questions that I ask, will give me an answer that I self could have formulated. But when I really ask important questions during my day I don’t get answers back. Hmm… Maybe I need to improve my senses more.