Is Lucifer omnipresent?

It’s not wrong to hear your own voice when the spirit is talking to you. For the most part I hear my voice but those I am very close to have very distinctive voices. Belial sounds a lot like Ron Perlman without the NY accent LOL.



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Guys suggestions to improve our communication with spirits?

Just keep envoking them and doing research about them. Work your psychic senses out like muscles and they will improve and you will see improvement. Not overnight you need to give it time.


Lucifer is omni-past, omni-future, omni-everything.

And so does the archangels u ask about…but theirs may not be as high as his. Just saying


You have earned my respect.


no Hermes, you are wrong.

please save your soul and act as “I” rather than surrendind to “higher” powers,

lucifer,michael and raphael are different energies, different vibrational level, separate entities, i have seen root of all 4 archangels in same space, i know they are separate.

lucifer may be omnipresetn but doesnt have free will

What did you say?

Haha he has more than free will.


nope, we can depate this like this or you can ask herself is he slaved by isis/set

Can you define what free will is here?

Ahhh Lucifer! No free will! Who was the starter of free will fight? And who still help them uphold that freedom?!

Lucifer is not that accursed fallen Angel, he has free will and also give free will.

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I read this and heard an evil chuckle in my brain. Are u online? Lucifer’s child just saw this and can show u what free will can do. NB:- I just chanelled what Lucifer has to say about this. #LucifersChild :metal:

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Ah, Lord Lucifer.

I believe he is not omnipresent, but potentially omni-aware. You call him, he’s aware, no matter where you are, no matter how many people call on him. He’s ancient enough to have been able to master this. I think the same is true of any spirit (demon, angel, ghost, god, goddess) to some degree or another.

I dont know about EVERYWHERE… but they can be in multiple places at once. That’s why 2 or more people could happen to be summoning the same being and they will appear to both.
Although it seems like sometimes they will put more of themselves into one evocation rather than another because there have been times where I will evoke a certain being, and they show up.
But when I talk to a friend later… I find out they had tried to evoke them at the same time and the spirit didn’t come. I think that just depends on the seriousness of the evocation.
So it seems they can be in multiple places at once as they so choose.