Is Lilith Bardon's LILITHA?

Hey you all.

Everybody who knows Franz Bardons second book about evocation may know Lilitha.
The Moon-Sigil…

Now I wanna know if Lilith is Lilitha.
Lilitha came to me some months ago.
She healed me with an angelic companion.
She sewed my hands and feet with golden threads.

Thanks in advance,

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I have been asking these questions myself for a while now.

She may be a different aspect of her’s. That’s the feeling that I get, but it hasn’t been verified by any magician that I know.

Just the other night, I called upon her(Lilitha) for her help and guidance and during my in between state of sleeping and waking, I felt a presence come that was definitely feminine.

She was gently manipulating my body and as I allowed her to, I all of a sudden felt her on top of me straddling me. I could feel her naked body on mine, but couldn’t see her tho.

I then asked to see her and I saw a beautiful full figured woman on top of me with dark hair and black horns on her head. She then asked, “Is this okay?” There was no sex, but it was very intimate between us tho.

This is not the first time that I have called upon her tho and even the first time I “woke” up to be sucking on a woman’s breast. Not what I thought would happen at all. We have also had energetic sex before as well.

She is actually stated by Bardon as an arch-intelligence of the Zone Girdling the Earth with a complete understanding of all magickal practices concerning the Zone Girdling the Earth and the Earth itself.

Not the moon sphere tho.

She usually appears to me looking like the current Supergirl, always smiling and happy.

She also told me that she is what she needs to be for my initiation.


Do you mean Bardons Lilitha? Or EA’s Lilith?
I had a comparable experience with Lilitha, some month ago after my first short astral travel experience.


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The one I’m talking about that is an arch-intelligence is Lilitha, but Lilith may be an aspect of her as well.

So, she came to you on your first astral travel?

What an honor!

Sorry I didn’t acknowledge this before.

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Lilith and Lilitha are not the same as I learned a few months ago. Lilitha isn’t the Entity’s real name. I don’t know if I’m allowed to write it here. Lilith and Bardon’s Lilitha are not the same, they are two independent Deities.


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If you’re talking about the uncyphered names, they were published ages ago.

Lilitha told me an unpublished name of her or which do you mean?

Bardon used a cypher system to encode many of the names in Magical Evocation. You can easily find articles via Google.

Ah. But he didn’t cypher the name Lilitha. Only the further names from moon sphere afaik.

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