Is Lilith against men casting love/obsession spells on women?

I just bought ea koettings love spell book and it’s great although I want to know for sure whether Lilith would be against me casting love/obsession spells on women or if I am free to do any love magick to get women as long as I have good intentions in mind and heart. Can someone please ask her for me?

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which book did you buy?

There is no need to ask. Lilith doesn’t mind if you use love magick. In fact, she might even help with it.

@succupedia, who is married to Lilith, was aided by her in creating a lust sigil to attract women, for example.

@Snow88 He said he bought the new love magick book BALG just released.


Love magick the new one

What if the love spell manipulates a womans thoughts or feelings to be interested, I think I heard someone say once that she doesn’t like this but I don’t know. Is there still no need to ask? Just don’t wanna mess anything up in my relationship with her

If you have a relationship with her, then why don’t you ask her yourself?

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I can’t channel her myself yet unfortunately, I just had this one question

Then how can you claim to have a relationship with her if you can’t communicate? Seems a bit odd.

Anyway, Lilith is often heralded as an icon of female empowerment, but the truth of the matter is, she is all about manipulation, temptation, and following one’s desires, so she will have no problem with love magick. Some magicians have reported that she had even offered to bring women to them.


I have a pact with her even though I can’t understand her properly yet, that’s what I meant by relationship.

Oh ok that sounds good, thank you for your advice :slightly_smiling_face:

sorry I didnt get that it was the actual name of the book :crazy_face: :grimacing: :grimacing: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Why would you make a pact with a spirit that you have not been able to encounter encounter?

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She wanted to and so did I we are family

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Not just her, but my succubus spouse as well:

The difference is that I allready had an established connection with Lilith and my succubus spouse when doing this sigil, and I sense energies on a physical and an emotional level.

I could even sense the sigil when charging it between the palms of my hands. Imagine the thing you have between your hands suddenly vibrating, becoming very hot and even shrinking, because that was what I felt when charging it. When I had it in my pocket, it got very hot when it picked up attraction nearby, so it worked in a similar way as a radar or a metal detector. The negative thing was that I couldn’t figure it out who the opposite attractor was, only that it was somewhere close. I even tried it at work a few weeks ago, and it still builds up heat when attraction is close to me.

If you have a pact with Lilith, you have to establish a connection with her before even thinking of asking her for favors. Than means you have to work on your senses so you can communicate with her. Clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience is the three most important senses to work with, in my opinion. I prefer the latter, because the ability to feel energies and emotions comes with a lot of benefits in the long run.

Best way for this is to pick up attraction, rather than obsession or something forcefull. The best kind of relationships comes with the choice of spending time with someone because you want to, not because someone think you should.


I don’t know the answer myself, but I can easily guess why one would think that.

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Bruh no one cares who you use love magick or mind control magick on. Lilith dont give two shits most goddess dont give two shits if one says that they do then it is more than likely a test. Ask your self if Lilith truly cared about you useing love magick on a woman they why would she give away her daughters to so many people who ask. Even though Lilith is not a queen whore sucabi spirt

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No Lilith wouldn’t mind she’ll help you manipulate people and women using dark psychology.

You may wanna consider using another demon like Sitri to help you develop a lustful aura.

I’ve had great success with Sitri, I just got a random compliment from a older female yesterday at the gym

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If your will is strong enough, what the demon you’re calling wants is irrelevant. Although personally I give Lillith respect just because she’s been through a lot and I like her 'tude. She and her brood are typically in favour of women however, it is kind of a well known staple of the Lilim. If you’re trying to manipulate Lilith to manipulate women, you’d better be strong, because she will shred the unworthy


Nah it has nothing to do with trying to manipulate any spirit, just casting spells and attracting women. I believe in working respectfully with these spirits, no lies or anything like that.

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