Is king paimon notorious for this?

I started working with paimon, seeking patronage, a year ago. Long story short. His lessons are tough.

I asked for a lover, so he brought one. Fell head over heels in love. Then i started getting visions, id watch her go off with another man. She got the same vision, different form; a passage, our road, was blocked by ice and 2 camels towered in the background.

Then she met a dude, left me for him, found out he has been haunted by what sounds like a djiin since december. Which is the same month, king paimon loudly announced his entrance and then dipped.

This was my first relationship, so im guessing he was teaching me a lesson.

Any similar experiences?


King Paymon likes to work with people who take magic seriously and especially Lucifer’s agenda. He is great and works fast.


Yes, cruel tutelage is something of a hallmark of Paimon’s.


Painful at times, yes (but such is life, and truth hurts and he’s great at confronting you with it). But cruel? No, from my experience I wouldn’t call it that. At the end of the day it makes you wiser and stronger, and appreciative of the lessons learned.


King Paimon isn’t a spirit that will help you with love. I believe he’s able to, but he will never do it. Since he helped you with that, it was easy to realise that there was something else there, in your case, to teach you something.


*King Paimon.


The only worthy instruction is “Know Thyself” and the only knowledge is self-knowledge. Lessons in life are lessons in self knowledge.

Consciousness is the only reality. Reality is a unified field of limitless consciousness.

At the level of individual awareness, you experience in perfect correspondence to your individual self-concept, i.e. all that you consent to as true in consciousness. If you examine your self-concept closely and understand its nature, you will see that somewhere in your perspective was awareness of loss or subtle self-deprecation, often occurs when you put another on a pedestal or get attached, that flowed through into experience unhindered.


Youre right. I developed an emotional dependency. I believe this is paimon was ending. It froze mt craft and progress. Career wise, education wise, and intellectually i was stagnant for months.


He has helped to literally catapult me out of a stagnant situation, so I know exactly what you mean.


I’m not a demonolater.

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It’s not about that, it’s about respecting him. By respecting a spirit, it respects you back (more often than not).


Lol. I’ll re-iterate, this time with some expatiation:

I’m not only not a demonolater, I don’t let demons anywhere near me let alone deal with them except theurgetically, so I neither refer to nor address demons by their pseudomonarchic honorifics. I call Paimon and any other 72 I summon by name alone since it’s all I need to drag them out of hell and into binding evocation with, after which I don’t particularly give a damn whether they respect or like me since I’m very willing and able to torch them with the angel fire end of a blasting rod for hours on end if they don’t do what I want them to.

Now with respect to the OP this is worth mentioning as an alternative to a more equal meeting with a demon, for the fact that any demon you seek tutelage from is far less likely to inflict pain or hardship on a magician capable of and unscrupulous about burning them into cinders over and over again, especially if you’re able to defend yourself and/or keep them bound to your will after banishing.

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He isn’t known for being subtle. He is a very proud being. I never asked him to be a patron, but he does not work in subtle ways.

He can be quiet sardonic, and he has a very dry sense of humor, so therefore, whenever you asked him to bring you a lover, he might have pulled the trick of stating that you did not specify for how long you would have that lover for.

Or, he might have given you that lover to prove what he’s capable of doing and to help you get rid of that desire so that you can focus more on magic and sorcery. You figure the gods, I can’t.


@Dusk I don’t think you have full knowledge about the situation though. With all due respect, I do believe you have been influenced by christianity (which only lies all the time).

First of all, demons aren’t really demons and angels aren’t really angels. They’re all spirits that are made of energy and they also work with each other really well.

That’s a bit insulting. You seem not to have actually got to know any of these spirits at all and just assume they act like that. Listen, just reading the bible will get you nowhere (I’m not saying that’s what you do, it’s just a phrase example for this kind of situation). People say “Ahh, King Paimon did this to me and it was so bad!”. But they actually never explain the whole story, only how butthurt they are because they didn’t get the new iPhone or whatever.

I’m just saying that you should first have the proper knowledge, before you start insulting great beings that people here respect and follow (I’m not talking about worshiping or something, just following or learning from them, etc.).


@SeekerofK As for the matter at hand, I believe that King Paimon wanted to teach you something useful. He does have a sense of humor, but he would never use it like that, I know that really well.

I also want to explore another possibility. Since he never cares about love matters and stuff, the most probable reason he did that was to teach you something. However, perhaps he indeed helped you and he decided it would be better for you to end that relationship because something really bad would happen if you didn’t (we don’t know what would happen at the moment, but you may soon find out what that would be).

Also, taking it one step further, he may had nothing to do with the break up and just warned you with that vision (both of you I guess) that it would happen. That’s actually more possible than the second scenario I gave you above.

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Duh. For the fact that mind is finite none of us knows “the full situation.”

For the fact that Christianity is the most prominent current of magic in the western world, so too are we all influenced by it. If you dont think you are too, you’re fooling yourself. So too are you fooling yourself if you think it’s “all lies”, as it rose to become the dominant western magical paradigm almost entirely through its effectiveness.

That said, I’m no Christian. Much like demonolatry its fundamental appeals as a spiritual path are to human vanity and cowardice and it shows. For that I detest it.

Now to your claim that angels and demons “work super well together”: True by virtue of tautology. All serve Divine Will, wittingly or not, and evil sickness, sickness culls, and demons can certainly cull.

Respecting demons and learning from them through mutual exchange is your prerogative. Torturing them into oblivion and back for the same learning is mine. Each has its pros and cons. The costs you’re willing and unwilling to accept becomes the demarcation.

Of course I’m affected by it, as much as everyone here. After all, as you said, we live in Christian dominant western world. However, Christians are weak, they are scared of what they don’t understand and they’re close minded (at least most of them). Their weak magic has nothing to offer us. We are already in a whole new level.

I see your opinion. Well, it’s not like I reject it though. There’s much trurh and it’s also true that all follow a greater plan. We still don’t know where that leads, as you and many others have suggested.

Very well then, as long as you’re willing to accept the cost of your actions, I won’t say much else, for I don’t need to. Besides, I’m not a lawyer or anything. Do as you please, but also every action comes with a consequence. And spirits in general show little mercy when it comes to consequences.


My husband summoned him tonight (I encountered it because he kept telling me he wanted to talk to him) and Azazel said he couldn’t help him gave his name and Brune’s name for the it. I said he needs a sacrifice, we gave him white wine. Apparently he prefers red but said is willing to help him, so a positive.


Did you guys just agree that western magic is mostly influenced by christianity?

… Nooooooo.

Of course it isn’t. No one said that. I’m sorry if it sounded like that, I didn’t mean that at all.

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