Is King Paimon angry at me?

I am not sure if king Paimon is angry at me. I wanted to practice scrying so I meditated on his enn for 10 minutes and chanting it in my head. I was urged by him that he is there and I need to get down stairs and speak with him. I felt super rushed. I get on my mat and start opening his sigil and chanting his enn for literally only a minute so I can get into the right state. I am not joking my vase gets knocked over and all of this shit on my table gets pushed off and I hear with a loud voice in my head “SPEAK YOUR WORDS” so I gave him my command I thanked him and he departed and I did a banishing. Was he just in a rush or was he pissed at me or something?

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KP is usually a patient man in my experience. Maybw he just wanted to get shit done? Otherwise I’d look into the possibility that another spirit took the opportunity of you being in an altered state of consciousness to talk to you and kinda just allowed being called KP?


Well the presence was intense I used his enn and called on his name and activated his sigil. I know the enn is like a direct phone line to the spirit so there’s no way it wasn’t king Paimon. I have been worried about imposters lately and I think king Paimon knew that and made shit fly everywhere lol. Imposters don’t do that from what I have heard.

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Not necessarily. Impostor or not, any spirit is capable of performing poltergeist like activity. Even if you use an enn and sigil it will not eliminate the chance of an impostor. However, it is not to say that if it were another spirit that it would be an impostor, rather there is always the fact that one that works underneath KP could have came.

Additionally, poltergeist activity does not denote that you indeed summoned KP, however please keep in mind I’m not saying you didn’t. I’m only clarifying points you mentioned based on my own experiences.


Then how could anybody possible know if it’s the spirit they called.

I heard high ranking spirits come with legions so it would’ve been one of them.

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By confirming it. There are a multitude of threads on this matter. After a matter of time with the spirits, you will be able to identify them by just laying your eyes on them, depending on your individual abilities and development.


Also I’ve been looking at Ea Koetting work for years and I don’t think I have ever heard him talk about imposters. I’m not saying he hasn’t or I’ve just forgotten. The first time I heard about them is from this forum and now I’m paranoid all the time.

Also I think if it was an imposter it would be wasting my time he just said speak your words and I gave him my command and that was it

I would avoid that. Attwntion is a major aspect of the “game”. Fear in of itself is a form of attention and by placing your energy and attention into being paranoid about it, it will happen. They also kinda feed on that.

If you don’t constantly worry about it, its less likely to happen.

I hope the attention part made sense, its a bit hard for me to explain personally. Its one of those “if you think it, it exists” sort of things.


I am making it sound worse than it is. I just had some thoughts about it and decided to make sure I immerse myself more into the ritual and connect with him through his enn and Sigil. Thank you for your help.

I’m not sure how true this is (I’ve always been very clairvoyant, so impostors are hard to get by me, so I never had to do this a lot) but they say a spirit can only draw its own name and sigil. Try that and see where it goes?

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Yes thanks. I was reading about it last night and said to test the spirit to make it touch you or move an object. Not sure how true that is either.

E.A. has never brought it up to my knowledge so maybe it’s not a big issue. If the spirit is producing results that’s how you know it’s the real deal.

No one can tell you how Paimon feels about you, you could divine it from someone without pre-existing bias of him or you can do it yourself. But even with the information given unless someone divines or directly asks him it’s just an answer bathed in bias lol.

I usually would personally find a way to ask the entity or one of their subordinates (if they have any)


Would you recommend calling forth lord Yeesch before I call king Paimon next time?

You Probably Exhausted yourself hence you said

You Had an intense expirience with a spirit thats all about business and getting things done,from what i read you wanted to evoke the spirit for something. king paimon knew this before you called him forth

Aslo,King Paimon for some people is Known to being this thunderous voice god.


Hi everyone I have good news. King Paimon was not angry at me he just spoke to me and told me he was testing me to see if I would stand my ground. Unfortunately I did not stand my ground. He said he will help me be more confident in myself. I am exited for this path working. That explains why he yelled at me and make crazy shit fly everywhere. He wanted me to stand up to him and tell him to obey me.


If king Paimon done that I think someone like Belial will make me punch him in the face and threaten me with death or something :joy:

And that’s why it’s always best to ask for yourself the experience of the 1v1 conversation outweighs anything and anyone external IMO and it gives a way better feeling lol.


King Paimon is known to often make noise when he appears. Also, I don’t see any reason why he would be angry. As long as you were respectful, that’s good!

You shouldn’t command him though, he’s a king, so make sure to always be respectful.