Is kinesis a real thing

Is kinesis a real thing like for example pyrokinesis umbrakinesis etc

If yes how to train kinesis abilities I have no experience with kinesis I try to help myself learn some kinesis abilities but also people who want to dip thier toes in the world of kinesis If it’s a thing

It’s real. It takes a lot of trying and failing. Look up the posts of AdamThoth on here who was experimenting with telekinesis moving matches on water and influencing penny tosses. Inserting stuff. But hard work.

It takes decades to train the qi system to produce enough energy for pyrokinesis, that’s a whole other level.

umbrakinesis? Changing your shadow? sounds kind of anime and useless.


Yes it’s kinda anime but if it can be on the level of anime it’s sick changing you’re body into shadow disappearing into shadows creating shadow creature’s teleporting though shadows I don’t know how much is possible in reality

That’s taking it a bit far, and I think may be more based in he fear of the dark for entertainment and cool factor. But shadows do have a rick folklore. Shadows are what’s magickally called a “liminal space”, same as twilight, lintels, doorways, arches, cracks, doors ajar, the gap under the bed, mirrors … the same reason walking under ladders is bad luck in that superstition and children don’t step on cracks as a game.

Liminal means “between”, and you can build portals and gateways more easily in all the in betweens, of which shadows is one type. You can also use a shadow like a poppet to an extent, seeing it as a representation of the person.

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Most of the “kinesis” people talk about these days are things that were made up for role-plying games and anime. They don’t exist in the physical world.

Telekinesis and and pyrokinesis, however, can be accomplished through the manipulation of energy but only on a very rudimentary level. You cannot throw cars or fireballs, but you can learn to push small objects like pencils and matches around on a table, and extinguish candles at a distance, or set newspaper on fire.

Shadows have no physical substance in this world so no, you will never be able to accomplish such anime feats.


Hm interesting gap under the bad is that why people refere to the monster under the bad and mirrors is also a interesting thing in paranormal investigation mirrors are seen as a portal or gateway for evil spirits I like to find those corelations some seemingly unrelated topics are connected with those threads

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Yeah, and it gives you a way to try combining ideas to get more with less effort. Like, try drawing a gateway, such as say the squares in Kingdom of Flame into a black crying mirror nd see what happens. :smiley: Mirrors are used in Sorceress Cagliastro’s work with setting up portals for the dead, and are used to let blood dry on for making elixirs, which changes the intent and energy around them.

I set up a permanent black mirror like this using the gateway to black magick from E.A.'s Baneful Magick book, and I will draw a specific energy through that for baneful workings, lit by the light of only candles so the whole room is liminal. The gate from the Shadownomicon I painted in silver on a black bedsheet though to make a big one. (You can find really cheap ones s well as picture frames to convert in thrift stores.)

Mirrors were created to mimic the reflective properties of Water, and Water is considered to be one of the the three major gateways to the spiritual realms, the other two being Fire and Blood. This is why offerings of physical objects were often either burned or tossed into a river or lake.

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