Is it weird

When someone in the abrahamic religions doesn’t even know about a prominent figure? Like I met this really annoying girl who claims to be a Muslim. And she’s not middle eastern. She…doesn’t even know the name of Iblis

It annoyingly common for Abrahamic-based religious people to not know even half of their own holy books.


What is weird when you’re trying to learn and break away from your past, and everyone thinks you’re joking.

I have said to plenty of people, I find occultists to be more rational than our abrahamic peers.

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Trust me not all of them are :slightly_smiling_face:


What is THAT supposed to mean?

I suppose you mean Azazel? Not really that weird because there are different schools in Islam and she probably became sunni. The notion that his name was Azazel before he became Iblis comes from the israiliyat (jewish tradition) which is considered unreliable to their scholars.

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THAT is supposed to mean not all occultists are rational

No offense to my fellow occultists though :slightly_smiling_face::grinning:

lots of people in various religions do not know many things about the religion. However regardless you should let all people be them.