Is it sign of Atibon Legba?(Papa Legba)

…Yesterday I wanted to go to a crossroad and petition Papa Legba, while I was preparing my offerings, a thought of dilemma came in(whether I should stop and draw his Veve and then petition Him at home since the road may be busy and rain has just started at the same time). I did a ritual bath and took my file which I was somehow sure that I have unused A4 sheet in it but after opening the file I found out that all the A4 sheets are occupied and I didn’t want to draw it at the back of any used sheet. So I sold any negative thought away and decided to go to a crossroad (it was still raining at that time but not all that heavy).

…So I gathered my offerings (3 Pocket change, palm oil, 3 cigarette, 3 cowries, bananas, groundnut, 1 toy, 3 toffees, 3 biscuits, 3 keys, 1 can coke, 3 castle bridge gin sachet and a piece of red linen). While I was about to go I lit one honey incense and took it along with me. When I reached the crossroad where I wanted to do the petition (fortunately for me, every was inside the houses since it was raining), I chanted Atibon Legba×3 and started to utter my petition, while I was in process I turned right and found a dog coming from right side of the road and immediately it saw me it stop coming and stood there watching me. I channelled my gaze from it and continued with my petition for a while, I turned right again to see if dog is still standing there but this time it was gone. I continued with my petition(the rain was still not all that heavy), I laid the red linen and offered the offerings and placed the incense at side (the rain became so heavy at this time) and then thanked Papa Legba. And left

…My questions is, is the dog a sign of Papa Legba since is his sacred animal? and also, is the heavy rainfall a sign of acceptance?
I’m sorry if my English is not all that proper


This thought occurred to you, and you feel that it is, so it probably is. Signs are highly personal, it’s not for anyone else so you must be the one to say. Be strong and decide.

Sounds like he was there and used the rain to make sure you did the work at the crossroads, so if he was taking part like that already and helping you, yes he had already accepted before you even finished.


I was worried about the rain falling on the cigarettes… Thanks for clearance bro


Sister :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: