Is it possible to summon a spirit without it's name?

Currently I’m possessed by spirits that I REALLY want gone, but in order to do that I think I may need to summon them to me and bind them away. The problem is they haven’t been documented as far as I know and the only thing they’re willing to do is lie to me.

There are 3 - god knows how many in here, but I’m fairly sure they’re all connected to me. So, would it be possible to summon the group into a trap with nothing but the knowledge that they’ve taken residence in my head? I’ve tried everything I can to force them out, but I fear there may be to many.

I need to summon them, trap them, ward my mind once they’re trapped, and then bind them in something and toss them into a lake. Any Ideas on how would be greatly appreciated.


It is a titanic task what he intends, since you claim that there is a jauria in his radio of experience. To banish entities, it is not a protocol to know first-hand the names of the operators, since it is a RUNNING, TO CAUSE A RELEASE IN THE SPACE OCCUPIED, REMEMBER that only one of them can bring and attract others in their interactive task towards you, the most convincing thing would be to work with deities under an order of command, so that with your sponsorship according to whoever is summoned you can banish them in planned sessions.

In similar cases with one work session it has been enough, more in others it has had to practice several, but as I express everything it depends on the power of the deity has to call, as well as the help that others who wish to take the case can give. I hope I helped you, keep calm so you don’t lose accuracy in the procedure!


A name is a sigil that binds the spirit to audio or text. Personally in my banishing and exorcisms the names just come to me. If you think you need one just assign a name at will, for most things that will be appropriate.

IME with demons (and this is personal) you need to know 3 things to remove them. I learned this from an anime of all places :sweat_smile: . You need to know the name (I practice glossolalia so it comes quickly), you need to know what they want, and their motive or grief for doing so. This gives you proper leverage to command it out and away.

Alternatively you could kill them directly. You might find fun in binding them to your core and vamping the fuck out of them.
Remember, for safety :slightly_smiling_face: you are always the most powerful spirit in any interaction. You can submit yourself and become the more powerful demons and shape them to your will from inside so to speak.

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If they’re already possessing you, why would you need to summon them? From what it sounds like you just need to make the connecting link visible and then break it. DMT worked well for me in that respect when I had problems with an attached entity.

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It’s possible but it doesn’t limit the amount of mimics/thoughtforms or fake beings claiming to be them from showing up.

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You don’t have to know their names.

It is your subjective universe and you are God of your universe. Give them their names.

Enter a meditative state, and focus on them. You know there are three of them so listen for each distinct voice.

Once you have separated a single voice from the rest and are focused completely on it, ignoring the others, speak out loud, and with authority. For example, “You. Unwelcome intruder. You are Shekar (or whatever). I name you thus, and command you, in the Name of the Most High.”

Do that with each intruding spirit. Solidify the names in your mind. If they have decided to be part of your universe, so be it. They are bound by your rules, and within that universe, they will be known by what you call them.

Once you have named them, you can evoke them and bind them.

Read The Howling by Phil Hine for a description of a similar operation he undertook to name and bind his inner demons. Same sort of premise.


Quote for support of this point


I’ve never heard that before, how exactly do you kill a spirit?

Thank you so much!!!

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The same way as you would kill anything else. A banishing or exorcism is like throwing an unwantex guest out of your house or calling the police on them, you still have the option to just shoot the intruder though.

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"Kill’ is a convenience word, since you can’t kill what’s not incarnate.
To my mind, you dissolve it’s pattern such that it cannot reform.

My favourite method is to observe it being bound in a black obsidian box, and with your will, thrust that box through the black hole in the center of the galaxy. Not much stays intact through that and the energetic debris gets recycled into other things over time.


Actually you can, a spirit is only a spirit to us because they’re intangible on our plane, however, you meet them on their plane i,e projection, they are not spirits on their own plane, they are “solid” beings who bleed just like we do. So technically yes you can kill a “spirit”


You can kill them if you believe you can. If thats convenient for you that is :grin:

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Wouldn’t you be killing part of yourself. Now, I’m hardly one to even listen to but sometimes “things” can be out of alignment and don’t resonate correctly. All the stories of possession, obsession, and the stuff that accompanies them makes me wonder:

  1. How did the individual get to them in the first place?
  2. Why are they there?
  3. What did you do to sync up with them (or attempt)
  4. What are they doing that affects your life or that you notice?
  5. What was your life like before you were ever aware of this or acted upon it?

There’s a lot of exorcists out there and many seem to write books or work with or for churches and I can’t help but think this is totally the wrong approach. Fear, rage, depression, obsession, envy, jealously, and others can really run havoc when uncontrolled and stabilized. If you invite spirits willingly and then knee jerk want them out that might be like inserting something into a tight hole then trying to rip it out with it getting caught and stuck with a shitload of friction.

Without knowing what your situation was like before this one can only guess on your problem but I’ve read that the individual has authority of their earthly vessel. What do you know about these entities? Do they speak (even in your mind)? Are you obsessed with doing certain things? Are you becoming ill? Are any outside influences harming you as well?

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I totally get what you’re saying as I have been willingly possessed before, but this has been very different. Eight months ago I was fine. I was a normal witch with satanic interests, and then everything changed. I lost literally everything, and suddenly every spirit I tried to call to was impersonated by them and made out to be horrible, I lost all contact with anything other than the parasites.

In February I went into a trance, got caught for stealing (Which is something I don’t do) and I couldn’t even remember walking to the store, or speaking to the police , but it still got me sent to jail, it was full blown amnesia. Not only that, bit since then I’ve been to the hospital three times, twice for my body literally simulating broken bones (Swelling, bruising, etc. even the doctors thought my leg was busted), but the x-ray came up clear. The other time was a double suicide attempt with my girlfriend because we just wanted to torture to stop. My life became a living nightmare. When the attempt happened something took over, even when I changed my mind I couldn’t stop it, I had no control over my body at that point. I’ve also gotten horribly sick with explanation, woken up with deep scratches, seen them via astral projection and a few times with physical manifestation.

I want to mention that I have DID, and as I said before have been willingly possessed. I started to notice that when the spirits they were pretending to be “Possessed” me, it started to feel like an Alter coming to the front, like I was switching. But, they were clearly not a part of me as I could also see them outside my head, and you can’t do that with other personalities. Not to mention that I’ve had my mom, my grandpa, and two hired psychics, tell me the exact same things about them, without me ever telling them a single thing.

I think they got in when started actively summoning demons, I’m 99% sure they’re some type of sentient, upper level, energy parasites that happen to be really good at energy manipulation. I believe that when I started not only opening that door, but busting it down, they just slipped in, pretty much uninvited.

Last night I did a ritual binding them in a box and warding everything, which if it worked, is the only thing that ever has for more than 24 hours.

Has this happened to other practitioners a lot? Is this a common occurrence? It’d be good for me to note so I know what to expect.

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Possession isn’t like this isn’t a common occurrence, it happens but not that often. However, figuring out if they’re actual separate entities, or just aspects of the person’s mind can usually be seen through a scan. Possession usually shows some form of overlapping in the individual’s energy system and the being’s energy system(s) depending on how many are present within the owner of the body.

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I believe that invocation is a temporary possession. Meanwhile, since I work mainly with angels I have not experience such things. And the last time i invoked nitika, I felt her in me and then I gave my instructions to the spirit and after I dismiss it.

I always know that magick is a tool that is not always good in the hands of neophytes, but my advise is that you should banish it out.

Various advise given above are useful in working a successful rituals to dispossessing yourself. And you don’t actually need to know the names. Get to talk with them and give them names, every spirits love to be given a name is a secret in ceremonial magick.

I have to delete my written rituals for proper dismissal, because I notice you don’t even have authority over them hence the need for someone to do it for you. In a normal environment, a person should be able to dispossess herself.