Is it possible to get a BALG consultant to go over my BALG blog and use that as a basis to figure out what I should focus in?

So I have this BALG Blog I been maintaining since about this time last year.

I am still not quite sure what I am going to author myself to be.

My blog looks very Rosicrucian to me but it could also be Discordian, but Discordianism looks like a subset of Rosicrucianism.

Also, I wouldn’t know who the book specifically. It looks like everyone is Hermetic. It looks like Discordianism is a parallel paradigm to Hermeticism, but I have a hard time containing them both at the same time under Rosicrucianism. I would probably have to draw out a diagram to have a better idea.


You would purchase a consultation through the store, then at that point you would need to talk with them to figure it out.

You have to pick someone and schedule it to buy it from the store.

Yes. The members of BALG are all busy people, and most of them don’t read this forum, so if you want their time and advice, you will have to pay for it, as you would any professional consultation.

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I know that, but I don’t want to book one at random because I don’t like wasting time, especially not over a video call.

I’ve only ever had a consultation with EA Koetting, which I found quite enlightening, so I have no experience with anyone else on which to base a recommendation.

You could try @C.Kendall though. He has a good reputation, and would probably charge less for a consult.


I can afford either one, I am just adverse to wasting time.

Edit: Oof, it look like Mr. Kendall is just selling his death magic course right now.

Edit 2: @C.Kendall liked your comment so he is around, let me message the store and see what we can do.

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