Is it possible to create a sex servitor that would have sex with me while I'm sleeping?

I want to create a servitor that would work like a succubi, only to have sex with me, even when I’m sleeping as I know physical manifestation is very hard and I’m still a beginner , is it possible ?

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I mean i dont see why not

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I don’t know why people get asking if something is possible, this is magick, there’s not much that is impossible at this point.


I don’t see the point of creating a servitor that has the possibility to feed himself from your sexual energy with the risk for you to become dependent from your own creation.
Plus there is thousand of succu/incubus who could help you with their intellect and their character
And It’s seems that you wouldn’t always remember that you’ve made sex with her if it’s happen in the astral,maybe you could lost your sexual energy without knowing it


I actually had this same idea, except the point of my sexual servitor wasn’t just for sex, but to help develop my clairsentience ability. Sexual energy is the easiest to arouse in the human body so a sexual spirit is very useful for energetic development, as those who have succubi lovers can attest to.

The only reason I myself was thinking of creating a servitor, rather than asking for a succubus companion, is that I’m energetically insensitive due to my shielding so wanted to increase my sensitivity before committing to a relationship with a succubus. Succubi are lovely beings and I want to make sure I can give her what she needs before calling.

With a servitor you can program it with a kill switch or put it into hibernation when you don’t need it.


I just thought it could be a task that a servitor can not carry out considering its nature and the fact that it’s not an independent entity

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Servitor :slight_smile:–interesting word. Everything is your servitor. That which seems real, and this includes your own body/persona, is not quite the reality you think it is. That which seems imaginary, like these servitors, isn’t quite as fictitious as you think it is. All things exist in consciousness: remember this always. Physical manifestations are actually a specific arrangement of consciousness and if you have the right alignment in consciousness they are as easy as anything else. There is no genuine physicality that is independent of Spirit. Spirit is all in all.