Is it possible to become a different rising sign?

This is more of a statement. Although I know that you can’t literally** change your sign placements from birth, it’s very possible to just act like a different sign and thus it becomes your new sign energy. Any disagreements?

Given astrology is heavily subjective yes, you can in a way symbolically invoke the traits of the sign into yourself.


Maybe people who die and are brought back have a new rising sign since their heart and breathing stopped? Other then that? No I don’t think so.

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This concept of astrology is just a thoughtform and can be nullified leaving you free of all ‘planetary’ influences and astrological forces.


I don’t know, the one person I met who said they’d don’t work too assimilate all signs and so even out the energy, was nevertheless acting exactly like a perfect model of their sign.

I think it’s possible to assume other energies temporarily but if you don’t keep up the work on it, you’ll relax back into your normal flow.


This** makes perfect sense

How would you recommend someone nullifies their astral energy for something else?? Would you say there’s a certain technique to it or something?

Radionics gives good examples of using balancing rates to nullify patterns of energy but beyond this there is doing the action purely mentally without the aid of any machines or external devices for focus. Come in contact with the pattern of energy in your mind and balance it out until it flatlines. Imagine a bright light in your mind so you instead introduce darkness until there is no light or dark left but complete null. Apply this to whatever you want to nullify. The hardest part is simply syncing your mind to the information you are targeting but once you do then so long as your will and technique is good you can remove any influence as if it was nonexistent.


Thank you sir (: