Is It Possible to Banish Ideas?

Over the years, I have tried to create a comic book to no avail. As an artist and storyteller, I naturally tend to develop ideas at random. I will have a story I’m passionate about, work on it for a few pages, get exhausted, and come up with new ideas. This cycle has been a recurring problem for me creatively

After meditating about this, I had the idea that maybe I should “start over”. Essentially, take every story, character, plot, titles, etc. I’ve ever had from childhood until now and just “flush” them out of my mind. My hope is that by doing this, I can have a fresh slate to build from.

Has anyone attempted to do something like this?
If so, what was your experience?

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I’ve done something like this as a software trainer, when people come to class and can’t concentrate because of all the other issues on thier minds. There’s a simple trick that works very well to get the mind to give it a rest. It looks like magick, works like magick, and is based in psychology. This is for temporary relief.

Write down the list if issues that are bothering you on a post it note, or piece of paper. Take the paper, look at the list and tell yourself it’s Ok to put these issues on hold while you are doing this other thing. Stick the post it note under the seat of your chair, or the piece of paper in an envelope and seal it, and place it under something heavy. This was highly successful for most of the people I gave this to.

You can then take this idea and extend it. To get rid of the idea completely you have to let it go and let it be ok that it’s not coming back. In this case I would burn the paper, perhaps with a view to releasing the idea to the winds so that someone else will pick them up and carry them forward.


I’ll give this a shot!
The idea of burning the paper is intriguing as well, it’s as though I’m subconsciously destroying the thoughts with fire.
Thank you!


Nope, that’s something we’ve hopefully learned over the centuries of warring bloodily with each other (mostly ideas at the heart of it). However, you can switch focus to those you prefer.

I used to have a horrid problem with writers block. It has been many long years since that was an issue. May I ask how old you are? When I turned 25, it was like a light went on and I could suddenly finish what I started. Before that I was just the queen of unfinished projects. I guess maturity made a big difference for me.

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Speaking as someone with severe obsessive compulsive disorder its absolutely possible

Not easy in my experience, but possible

I’m 25actually, haha!

Frontal cortex!! At least I have found (almost 25) that I am finally starting to be able to finish stuff now as well. I think it also ties into ADHD, and the technology exacerbating that, as well as a fear of greatness (for myself).

This is the story of my life though lol, so I will be trying the methods already shared but if OP finds something that works, I am all ears!! haha

I have found that having a daily planner helps a lot, and not running myself off motivation.

Actually, now that I think about it, that has been the biggest help for me. I always had to “feel” like doing something to do something, like I only was productive when I felt motivation, but I have recently started forcing myself to work WITHOUT motivation.

It is definitely a chore but it has helped a TONNE with daily tasks like folding laundry and other non-creative stuff. But I think similar might apply to creative tasks (although I’m too dependent on my brains reward system to have tried much).

I think it might just take getting out of that “dopamine”/reward seeking behavior mindset.

Why not just think of something new instead of trying to flush out the old? The more you focus on what you don’t want the more it tends to persist.

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