Is it possible that the abrahamic god might be against someone?

Strange things tend to happen around me when I am around symbols like the cross and all. The other day I was viewing a video which portrayed yahweh in a negative light. I immediately was struck with severe illness and brain trauma after the illness.

I also have experienced a concussion because a “strong white light” appeared next to me while asleep and slammed my head left. It was completely unexplainable.

At first I thought it was “the devil”. But somehow…it doesn’t sit right with me. Idk how to explain it but I really don’t think he is involved…


If it is what you think it is try this.

If not then I’m sure some other members will be able to shed light on your situation.


literally everytime I speak badly of y***** , or speak lightly of him I get raped. Its extremely clear to me. Right after posting what I did in this thread, I had a minor accident. This is some bullshit.

I’m going to quote from the Holy Book of the Hebrews to answer your question.

can a good god “hate”?

How severe? Because that sounds rather severe.

How many other incidents like this have occurred?

See, I’ve met Yahweh, and illness, brain trauma, physical manifestation and beatings aren’t really his thing. Even when Yahweh attacks something, it is generally through subordinates or with earth or air elements.

These occurrences don’t match him, which is why I’m keenly curious as to any other versions that happened.

It sounds more like a curse, and a heavy one- have you known or angered any priests or bishops?


Well, I mean it says so right there. Later, in the New Testament, St. Paul says that this verse is proof that God “elects” souls for salvation and souls for reprobation.

We have to remove the Greek philosophical mindset we have when looking at YHWH, that he’s omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent, immutable, and all these things. Because he’s not. That’s the God of Platonic philosophy, not of the Abrahamic faiths in their inception.

In the Bible, YHWH asks questions, he repents and changes his mind, his divine will is thwarted by the intervention of men, he hates, he murders, and he incites people to sin for the express purpose of punishing them. YHWH is likely originally a Cannanite God of the Sky and War.

But, let us not confuse the original historical and biblical YHWH with the God of Platonic philosophy who has seemed to have been inserted into Christianity in the West by the influence of St. Justin Martyr.


Yes I found the bible god … a little confusing.

It is hard to imagine a god of pure love and goodness doing such a thing. Its like “THEY DONT BELIEVE IN ME? ILL SMITE THEM SMITE ALL OF THEM”


It’s mostly just favoritism to the Tribe of Israel. He doesn’t care about the actions of other nation or people as long as they don’t directly interfere with his plans.

Just make sure you don’t mix up Zoroastrianism influence in the Seventh century BC for true historical Judaism.

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To YHWH most likely, or Jesus, I’m not certain.

Well, that’s because Jesus is the Avatar of the Piscean Age, whereas YHWH “hate[s] all who do iniquity. (Psalm 5:5b)”

Then I’d “prescribe” working with Ahriman, as the oldest and arguably most targeted force to oppose the god of the desert cults.

Ahriman healed a problem with my shoulder almost immediately, and quite miravculously, so the link to the CNS is there in previous experience, and that might help you?

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Yeshua never called God Yahweh, he always called him “father”, I feel the old testament god is an amalgamation of pagan deity’s from the Levant. I think Yeshua"s father is Anu!

I saw an article recently about Enki’s name being on the commandments.

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I’d like to point out though, that no one called God YHWH either, except for the Cohen Hagadol on Yom Kippur. They always substituted other words. Modern Jews, for example, call YHWH “Hashem”.

So, Yeshua not referring to God as YHWH would make sense in the cultural context.

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IF YHWH is not so much a being as literally omnipotent everything… why would yeshua call him father? As if he were a literal flying being in heaven looking down?

YHWH seems like “Source”, and to call Source, “father” just seems odd.

Look further back. Originally YHWH was the author of both good and evil in pre exilic Abrahamic theology. Upon the destruction of the original Davidic monarchy and subsequent exile into Babylon the Jewish people encountered Zorastrianism with its inherent theological dualism; Ahura Mazda being the god of light and Ahriman being the god of darkness. The Jews, being exposed to this adopted it and began to revision YWWH as being a god of light. But ofcourse, light needs to be balanced by darkness and thus the Satan of the book of Job, originally a prosecuting angel of the heavenly court was promoted to being the dark adversary of god. This of course heavily influenced the direction of Jewish theology throughout the inter testamental period; especially the Pharisee movement and the Essenes and was further entrenched by Jewish exposure to the Platonic philosophy when Israel was under the occupation of the Hellenistic empire. This dualistic theology was taken up by osmosis by both Jesus and the early Jesus movement that was to become the church. If you have a stomach for Christian theology, a good book on this is “The River of God” by Gregory Riley.


so what now, the most powerful god is the oldest one?

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Yes, I am very well versed in this event. And I speak about it at length in this post: