Is it possible for an entity/demon/angel to fall in love with you?

Serious question.

Can an angel, demon, god, archon, or whatever fall in love with you? Has this happened to anyone after summoning said spirit and working with them?


Please use the search function for questions. There are a lot of posts about this.

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You might have to decide this between you and the entity yourself. Me, I say no, and that’s a parasite. Others say yes. You play at your own risk.


In an endless reality, I have always believed anything is possible. The question would then be the odds on a single point of light out of all others being more significant then all the infinite that came before and will come after that these timeless entities might choose from. Then again, people do random things that make no sense sometimes for love, so who’s to say. I will hope the best for ya, but also would advise to remain wary as Mulberry could also be right.


Idk about archons but for the others ,yes.
As Norse said, do use the search function. The keywords you can try are “spirit love” “spirit lover” or “spirit relationship”.


I think it’s a huge mistake to perceive spirits like us humans. They are not humans. They have manifested themselves in dreams with different masks and it’s those masks we in mythology know as angels, demons, dragons etc.


Is it possible for a human to fall in love with their cat?
Yes, but it would be creepy.


Yes, it’s real


I know it’s possible with Jinn. There are numerous accounts of people marrying them and having kids


I would say, since when one does devotional work towards powerful gods and other spirits, our requests are all the more readily accepted by them and granted, they do seem to grow a certain fondness towards us. However, for gods and angels etc. To fall in love, I would say is extremely unlikely, and would be very wary of this.


Yes this can happen that a spirit can become attracted to you as a practicioner and vice versa.

With angels the second they cross that line according to legend they fall from grace. That’s the legend anyway.

Now here’s the rub though. This is not a human being ( unless that’s what the spirit happens to be). This is a spiritual being that is beyond most of our ability to comprehend. It is able to "fall for or be interested in " many different people at once.

So if you think a spirit like Asmoday for example loves you and that your special… well yes you’re as special as all his other interests are to him

We read alot of people here on Balg claiming to be the wife of Belial or Lucifer and they believe that they will inherit the empire of hell or some such bollocks. It’s really awful to read those kinds of accounts because usually it’s just larping ( live action role playing) or worse complete delusion.

But to answer your question directly yes to my knowledge it does happen.

VK jehennum says “it’s ok to have freaky sex with spirits as long as you still respect them later”. I don’t know exactly what I think to be honest


I’d like to add/comment on this :point_up_2:

You or anyone can be the spouse of any spirit, but it does not mean that you will inherit their empire or anything like that. You’re still your own individual at the end of the day. Your energies can be very tangled with your lover/spouse depending on the depth of your relationship, but you need to remember that you’re an individual with your own needs, thoughts and desires. You must not forget yourself.


In my personal opinion, no, an angel/demon/god will not fall in love with you. They don’t see romantic love in the same way we do.

From what I have learned from observing those in spiritual marriages, most often it is the human that is “in love,” and the spirit is mainly in it for the energy exchange, and furtherance of their agenda. I seriously doubt any spiritual marriages happen directly because of “love;” similar to the human aristocracy, I think they are most often proposed more as a political union, to consolidate power, and as a form of protection. When you are tooling around the spiritual planes, being marked as the wife/husband/companion of a demonic king, or a god, will grant you a respect you may not be given otherwise.

That being said, a demon/god/angel can have affection towards humans, but I always get the impression that the affection is akin to how we look at our pets. I think it’s important to note that, just like here on earth, getting married and having children with a spirit, does not, in any way, imply they are “in love” with you. It is just an expedient way to further their aims.


I’d also say that is highly unlikely.

Those kind of existences have a natural tendency to feel in a different way, and love may not be a fundamental part of how they connect with other individuals.
Marriage pacts do exist for a reason, but in most cases, love won’t be required to sustain the marriage, thankfully.

If a god/demon/angel is attracted to me I would definitely consider that as a tactical thing.

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I think they can love us in the same way we love our pets. Lots of people will claim for my blood now, but it is what I believe.

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I believe it is possible for entities to fall in love with us. Yes, you won’t be their one and only nor will you rule along side them when you pass over. I think they mostly just stick with you and help you along the way. It’s just a different type of relationship than being their priest(ess). You aren’t more special than anyone else, you just received more intimate type of interactions. Perhaps that’s something that is needed to help you grow idk.
I would suggest getting a few readings done to make sure it is who you think it is before doing any vows or anything more binding.

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At least for angels not so sure e. g. I believe, maybe mistakenly, that in “City of angels” it’s a bit (properly using the term) New Age to have this thing of angels loving humans in a romantic and/or sexual way.

What are those kids like? Have you met any?

Then what’s the point of a marriage pact? why do they happen?

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