Is it ok to do a bunch of lust spells at the same time?

Like a bunch of different people? And if I ask a demon for help should I use a different one for each?

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Why? Are you trying to get an orgie? Honestly, just tapping into lust itself and maybe 1 spirit seems fine but then again, I’m seeking energy workings, healing etc and not just lust booty calls to bang/smash a bunch of people. Now if you’re a trickster and just want to see them going all fucknutty with each other and laugh… that’s a different story. I would laugh so hard seeing an entire class room getting all slutty with each other or teacher or boss stripping down and riding someone or something. That’s classic shit that is great for lust. But personal… psh… I can get ridden by a spirt if I need some uber lust energy to get through the day.

I’d say you can but it doesn’t mean you’ll get answers. Hell, anything is possible.

No, that’s clashing energies, doing a bunch of similar spells tend to manifest things differently depending on how each spell is being sent out to manifest, you’ll either get one with the most energy put into it or neither as they’ve canceled one another out.


So if i asked The great Duke Zepar to help me with one female and Lucifer to Help me with another you think it’s a conflict?

I think you should build your experience in this area by just trying it and seeing what happens. You’ve got time, right?

So why not try it this way:
First of all, do 2 divinations to see if the 2 sets of daemons and people you want to work with are likely to work out for you
Then, run the first ritual with Zepar, if the divinations looked favourable. Re-run the 2nd divination to see if anything changed.
Finally, on a different day run the ritual with Lucifer, but on the 2nd, ask Lucifer if doing this will cancel out the first, and continue or not based on the response.

that might be too much power if you are casting for one target. My most recent post explains why it’s a bad idea to overcast.