Is it mind control? Looking for advice for Duke Sallos

So I’m young and inexperienced, and am madly in love with this girl. I have no experience with dating or relationships because I’ve never loved anybody except for her, so i am horrible with trying to woo her the normal way. I know she likes me but I’m not sure whether or not she likes me back romantically (especially since I’m also a girl and haven’t come out as gay). it’s been over a year of being madly in love and it’s driving me crazy. I’ve been thinking of evoking Duke Sallos to help push our relationship to the next level, but i do not want to force or manipulate her to love me if she doesn’t. I feel like we might be on the verge of something, I basically just need a little push somewhere.

What are your thoughts on it, what has been your experience with working with Sallos? Or how would you formulate this petition?

(edit: just in case it was from someone on this forum, if there was someone scanning me or trying to contact me through dreams, please stop, or at least ask beforehand)


If you are concerned about pushing her free will, instead ask Sallos to help YOU talk, act and behave in such a manner that she would find attractive.


You’re right, I wish I thought of this sooner :confused: I went ahead with it in the end, stated my wish to be in a relationship with her, leaving the parameters open but forbidding any mind control of her. He only said that I had to act when the time comes. He did give some great tips on how to look more attractive though. I’ll post about the results if I get any. Time to stop thinking about it :slight_smile:


Sooo in the end I was rejected, I guess i did say no mind control if she wasnt into it :'D But we did get to a much deeper level in our friendship than before in a very short amount of time. Not exactly what I wanted, but i still finally got the courage to ask and ended a whole year of wondering so it was still good. maybe I can ask him for someone suitable this time :slight_smile:


So I really don’t know what to do :'D in my most recent correspondence, he had this to say (I was pretty emotional so some of my replies weren’t great, it wasn’t the full conversation but this is the relevant parts):

Me: You did not fulfill my request, in the end.
Duke Sallos: A word of caution. Don’t conflate friendship with the lack of a relationship. Your journey has only begun.
Me: If you cannot turn a friendship into love, then say so now and I will leave.
Duke Sallos: It is your choice. Nothing is too difficult.
Me: Can we please stop? End this madness.
Duke Sallos: A blind person cannot see where the road goes. I can bring you two closer together. So close you can’t even imagine. But you need to trust me. This isn’t over yet.
Me: Still, I must respect her wishes. I respect her choices and free will.
Duke Sallos: I’m not going to violate her free will. I’ll simply show her who you are.
Me: What do you mean?
Duke Sallos: A time will pass. I cannot change what she thinks of you, but I can change who you are to her.
Me: I will drop all my feelings for her because it’s what I promised.
Duke Sallos: You will not. You are too confident.
Me: I will not violate her boundaries. Will that help in what you’re doing?
Duke Sallos: I cannot (opaque) tell you. You will ruin it.
Me: What’s the time frame?
Duke Sallos: 6 months to a year.

I’m feeling really horrible right now after being rejected and I don’t really know what to do. I don’t feel like I can deal with another 6 months of this uncertainty, so I want to let go of this emotionally. I don’t know if dropping all my desires and treating her as a friend will just make it impossible :confused:

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Success! But bittersweet. Duke Sallos said 6 months to a year and he delivered… She confessed 10 months after this, last week, and she fell extremely in love with with me. The problem is me! After some time I started to lose faith in Duke Sallos and asked him to help me attract other partners. The next day after I made the request, someone talked to me, one of this girl’s friends in fact. We grew feelings for each other and started a relationship… But the first girl ended up confessing 2 weeks after I got together with my girlfriend so it was not possible for me to be with her anymore :’)

I love my new girlfriend, but I think that I will forever regret this. Trust Duke Sallos guys, don’t be a fucking dumbass like me!!!


He’s awesome!!!

Do you mind helping me out ?

Can you give me some advices …how to work with Sallos … what does he like

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I think Sallos knows what is right and what is wrong to do. They have indeed morals. I think he would be glad to help you. Don’t be afraid. As it said before me. Just ask help to talk to her and ask her out and such in normal and polite way. No mind control. And give you big strength to do such. Be strong. :slight_smile:

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Start here

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Thanks !
if you are still working with him … can u tell him my regards and my wish for working with him

I’m not currently working with Sallos…when I worked with him in the past, I just opened up and talked to him. if you’re interested in working with him, or feel compelled to work with him, maybe try to connect with him yourself and develop your own relationship with him.

It doesn’t need to be all grand or elaborate, just light a candle, draw up his sigil, meditate etc…whatever you need to do, then just talk to him.


Yeah sure ! i will … thanks btw for the help
I hope he will work with me and we develop a better relationship :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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He likes rosé :slight_smile: He is a kind spirit and if you approach him with respect and sincerity I’m sure he will help you.


Anyone who has been in love and rushed things could see the path all this was going to take.
I’m glad you got something that pleased you.
If I may add a bit of advice, from my own experiences:

Since the girl you wanted likes you, keep in contact with her. But respect your current relationship as well.

Your current relationship may fizzle out, and perhaps the person you wanted will still desire you.



I read your conversation with Sallos … its soo great that you have such a beautiful relationship with him
I really want to connect with Sallos , and i hope he listens to my request
The next time you have conversation with Sallos do mention him about my request to connect with him
Thankyou :v:

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Hey Blueberry.

Please note that entities as Duke Sallos or any Goetian entities do not “attack” people or bend their minds at will. Usually they simply help by, as you mentioned yourself, pushing someone in the right direction. I have not worked with him directly as far as I am aware, but I assure you that no moral damage can be done by asking an entity as such for relationship help or advice.

Best of luck in your currect love endeavors.

~ Zakeris

What a spectacular result , wow… speechless !

Gratitude to keep us posted, you also honored Sallos by doing so, I’m sure that I’m not the only one left in awe after reading this.

May I just ask, if you stayed in touch with the first girl who confessed to you, during this 6 months period ?

Sorry for the late reply, i was inactive for a while, but yes we became best friends and we still love each other a lot even though we’re not dating. I think we still got the true love for each other I asked for from Duke Sallos. :slight_smile: